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To The Ball Game...

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I am just excited...thought I would post to share my excitement.


I am taking my son to his first Major League Baseball game on sunday.


The Detroit Tigers vs. The Texas Rangers


Not sure who is more excited. My son or myself.





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Dick - Watch it pal!


This here is lion, tiger and wing's country!


Sorry Bill, for minute there I really believed they had a chance. Then I remembered the rangers lose to Detriot more than 50% of the time :P


Either way make sure you take along a giant TCH banner. ;)

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Cherish it, boss... being able to be with your son is a blessing I wish I had with mine. Have a great time and I hope your team wins... at least for the first game he goes to!

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My first MLB game was at the Rangers home field when I was a kid. Almost got hit in the head with a fly ball. Second game I was going to go to was the Diamondbacks in 2001. Game day was the day a couple of buildings fell back east. I dont go to games anymore.


I hope your trip to the game went well Bill, I cant wait to do the same with mine.

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Congrats! And the Tigers won! I'm really happy to see their turnaround this year.


I still remember my first visit to Fenway.


I'm a diehard Red Sox fan (it's obvious when you visit my site. I think the largest number of posts deal with the Sox).


I hope your son enjoyed the game.

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$140.00 for tickets

$20 for parking

$19.50 for 3 hotdogs and 3 small soda's

$30.00 for a Tigers Baseball Cap

$5.00 for a bag of NUTS!

$4.00 for Cotton Candy

$65.00 for a Childs Size Tiger Jacket

$18.50 for 2 Bud Light's


Just plain stupid.


My son had a great time, as did my father in-law and myself. I got a major sunburn and heartburn from all the junk food.


It is way to expensive to go to a ball game. $30.00 for a hat, jesh!

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Bill, going to the ballgame is not the same anymore, the result of the multi-million per year contracts. What I do is take the kids to a minor league game, we have several available in our area, The Bowie Baysox, The Frederick Keys and the Hagerstown Suns.


Tickets are cheaper, food and drinks are reasonable, parking is free in some cases.

Seats are plenty and you are right there with the players. The kids can go up to the railing and talk with them. An overall enjoyable time compared with the gouging you wallet takes at a Major league park. And the younger kids don't know the difference, its a ballgame to them

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Glad to hear you all had a good time but my goodness!!! Prices like that are criminal.


Is the same all over, concerts, shows, other major sports events *shakes head*


And people think I stay at home because I have no life. HA!


Well, it's true - I can't afford one :P

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We have the Dayton Dragons (farm team for Cincinnati Reds) and they always get beat up badly by the Lansing Lugnuts.


Between innings they are always doing something for the kids attending the game. Nothing like a major league game. It's quite entertaining.


And the ball players in my opinion are just as good if not better than some of the majors. :P

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But there is NOTHING like a major league ball park.

I agree 100%, its just I can't afford the games there like I used to :P.


I grewup in the 60's going to Memorial park whenever someone would take me. Once I was driving I averaged at least 30 games a year. Then they built Camden Yards and I now make at most 3 games. It cost me an arm and a leg and with both boys in their teens its two legs. I had both boys at games before they reached 6 months!


So to see any games and be able to eat I suggest minors :).

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I went to my first ball game of the year yesterday, and was treated to an amAAAAzing 18K performance from Ben Sheets. It was awesome.


For us singles, going to game isn't that expense, but I can see how it can be for families...


When you stop to think about it, the amount of money involved has changed things. The way the Brewers have been playing has helped though. (Sexton who?) Yet once you get out to the Park... grilling brats in the parking lot before the game... you quickly forget about it and just enjoy yourself.



Just like Detroit fans better enjoy Alex Sanchez. It won't be long before he returns to his old way..... :P

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