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Ie Not Wrapping Text In Table Column


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Hi, I have this huge problem I've encountered with IE. Although I don't use IE, I design my sites for both IE and Mozilla browsers. So, here is my problem.


I have a table with 3 columns 15%,70%,15%. On the first column, IE isn't wrapping the text correctly. Its expanding the column like 5-10% before breaking the text. I'm looking at it on both Mozilla Firefox and IE and IE is the only one that has the problem. Can anyone figure out how I can fix this....Thanks.




Notice I have this url in the first column and I have a space inside that url to assure the line breaks.


http://section31 .us/pics/forums/stfu 3.jpg
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I encounter this here at work all the time. Even with the space, your second part of the link is so long that it will shove the column over. Instead of typing out the whole link, why not just put a description such as "Blah Blah Forums Link" and make the text link to the page?


If that isn't possible, you might want to put a space or <br> at a point before you reach the width of your column so it will look like it is wrapping correctly.

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well i'm using php's word wrap to put a space every 20 characters. I can't believe IE is so dumb not to do a line break. On mozilla it works fine. Using breaks works fine but doesn't look nice.


And as far as parsing the url, I could do that with a regular expression, but I didn't want to.


Any other suggestions.

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