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That would be an action of a registrar/reseller account. I am not entirely clear on how it normally works here, I am sure one of the reseller support folks will chime in, though.

Typically, though, whoever is listed as the Administrative Contact is the one who will get all the info.

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1 of my client didn't wanted to renew his domain, He left it idle, after the validity, Its now in REDEMPTION PERIOD.

although Expiration Date is shown as 07-mar-2004

And client wants it back now, Strange if he wanted this he could have responded in time also.


How long is This REDEMPTION PERIOD period?

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If I resell a site to a customer, can I register my customer as the owner, but recieve billing to me?




Sure, have your customer as the registrant and you as the billing/admin. You get the email and they own it.




Redemption is fun. After a domain expires the registrar will hang on to it for 30 to 45 days as a courtesy to the customer in case they forget to renew. After this time the domain goes into redemption status for about 30 days and then 5 days after that it is released to the wild. Your client has two options. Pay the $90+ fee to get it out of redemption, put it on backorder for $18.95 or so or as a third and least desirable option, wait for it to be released and hope he can get it before someone else does.

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infact $90+ is more than the full cost of a website for a whole year.

A good domain name is worth more than a year of web site charges.


Thanks Rob, I'll give it a try and check back if I have any problems.

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