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Pc Auto Backup Over Lan


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I have been tasked with finding a software that does the following over a LAN connection:


We have mostly remote or mobile users in our office, and the users are never in at any particular time.

I need a utility that will recognize when the user is logged on to the LAN and then automatically perform backup procedures on that machine.

We are not currently running any server-level machines, but we do have a storage machine on which this backup will happen.


Does anyone know of any software out there that can do this? I am simply drawing a blank right now.


Thanks in advance.

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That's a tough one. Remind the powers that are asking for this that if they hook up and leave in 30 mins the backup won't be complete and if they are all in there at one time it will take longer and the million other problems with this scenario.


But best wishes on finding something! I can't say I've heard of anything that triggers on network connection but if the little box at the bottom of XP can say "network connection found" then I'm sure it could be done!

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