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Kacey Green

Questions About Godaddy Registior

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I was wondering if I could use godaddy.com as my regitistoir, without incurring additional fees on either end and still have gadaddy as my registoir in the end.

Do I manage sub domains here or at godaddy.com?

do I have to get additional services from godaddy (like forwarding) or is url registration enough?

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Hi Kacey,

yes you can continue to use your current registar

by logging in at Godaddy and pointing to your name servers here as per your welcome e-mail.


You manage your sub domains here using your cpanel to create them

and nothing is done at your registar for sub domains


The only thing is for a shared hosting account,

you may not point another domain name to a sub domain.


Hope to see you around and part of our family.

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Thanks, I was afraid that I would have to go through phone loops to get this going. :D The dual control panels for this feature was confusing, the one at the regitior and the one in Cpanel.


That's great that you can just point the regitor pay the bill and use Cpanel for everything else.

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