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I use many redirects, they look like this:


>Redirect /index.xml http://www.lisa-jill.com/?rss=1


(as an example)


Since yours looks very similar, I would guess that the only change you need for your syntax is that "r" needs to be "R". These are *nix boxes and therefore sensitive.


Also moving this for organization. =)


Hope that helps!

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Ah no, that was just an example from my .htaccess, for your example you'd use:


>Redirect /index.html http://www.****/site/index.html


That's the first r, in Redirect. =)


Does that help? Sorry about that.

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I'm having a really bad day with proofreading, I'm sorry kkashi. =/


The reason that it is looping is because you've told it to go the root of your domain and find index.html and to redirect it back to index.html - over, and over, and over ... an endless loop.


Can you tell me exactly what you are trying to do using a real world example?

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Fixed it, in hindsight it was easy. If you try to redirect / then it's going to loop endlessly no matter what, so we changed it to /index.html and it worked. =)


For anyone else needing to do this:


>Redirect permanent /index.html http://www.****/site/index.html



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