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  1. Isn't it the responsibility of the user to make sure their email address is correct? Call me crazy, but if I don't update my email address, I have no one to blame but myself if anything happens.
  2. Jeter2Fan93


    That could be the issue. While motherboards with ECC specs can get away with Non-ECC RAM, the same is not true for boards that are Non-ECC only.
  3. 1. http://www.tonyclark1b.com 2. Tony Clark Fansite 3. A site dedicated to a player with passion, dedication, and class to the game of baseball. 4. Personal website 5. The link back to TCH is on the Links page. Thanks!
  4. You could even have the printer hooked up to the Mac on the network, then use Bonjour for Windows to configure it on the Windows machine. I have it setup this way and it works flawlessly. Just make sure the Mac is turned on!
  5. Correct. I have my action set to a thanks.php page so that the form is sent to my email, but the end user sees a nice page thanking them and letting them know the form was sent successfully.
  6. I gave this a shot, and to me it's just another browser. It's fast, but that's about it. I wasn't impressed with what it has to offer over the new javascript engine. As for Thomas, you shouldn't have to code for this browser as it's using WebKit, which was pointed out already. Right now, it's back to Firefox on the VM in Windows and Safari/Firefox on the Mac side.
  7. Congrats I'm a fellow Mac user myself, have a 20" aluminum iMac for my main work, a MacBook Pro for travel and a 12" Powerbook that is on the verge of death. Been a Mac user myself for 15 years now!
  8. I read on CNN that there was controversy over the name Cuil and what it means. According to Cuil.com: Yet, the Irish claim there is really no definition for that word as it means many things in Ireland.
  9. Well, since you can also setup the account as IMAP, there's really no reason not to use Mail on the Mac. CPanel has information on how to setup Mail, as well as scripts to auto-configure the program. Hope that helps.
  10. The squirrel mail login works fine, now if only I could get roundcube mail to work! Should I still open a ticket?
  11. First, I'm not sure if this is in the right spot or not, so feel free to yell at me if that's the case! Here's my question: Is there a way that I can create a front-end to my webmail (where I just need to enter username/pass), and have the sign-in button automatically go to the webmail theme of choice? For instance, instead of going to www.my-domain.com/webmail, I'd like to go to www.my-domain.com/mail (where I create a simple login page), and once I hit the login button, I'd like to be taken directly to the roundcube interface, instead of having a delay. Hope that was clear!
  12. I get this too when I select Horde for webmail. When I click on the inbox on the left sidebar however, I can still navigate through my email and use it with no problem.
  13. I wish I would have seen this thread before sending in a support ticket. I was actually trying to install this myself for my own personal use! Glad to see that it's available...now if only we could edit the skin and change icons
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