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  1. I have done some research and found language options for Spam Assassin that may help, but I don't know where to enter this information on the Spam Assassin configuration page. I am thinking the following expression would work since I do not get emails in languages other than English. I believe this would allow only English emails. ok_locales en The CPanel Spam Assassin configuration page lists options for the following: blacklist_from required_score score whitelist_from Does anyone know where to put the above expression and if it will work? ======================================================== Here's what I found regarding ok_locales ok_locales xx [ yy zz ... ] (default: all) This option is used to specify which locales are considered OK for incoming mail. Mail using the character sets that are allowed by this option will not be marked as possibly being spam in a foreign language. If you receive lots of spam in foreign languages, and never get any non-spam in these languages, this may help. Note that all ISO-8859-* character sets, and Windows code page character sets, are always permitted by default. Set this to all to allow all character sets. This is the default. The rules CHARSET_FARAWAY, CHARSET_FARAWAY_BODY, and CHARSET_FARAWAY_HEADERS are triggered based on how this is set. Examples: ok_locales all (allow all locales) ok_locales en (only allow English) ok_locales en ja zh (allow English, Japanese, and Chinese) Note: if there are multiple ok_locales lines, only the last one is used. Select the locales to allow from the list below: en - Western character sets in general ja - Japanese character sets ko - Korean character sets ru - Cyrillic character sets th - Thai character sets zh - Chinese (both simplified and traditional) character sets
  2. I have recently been receiving Spam with Asian (Chinese or Korean?) looking characters in the subject line and body. I searched the forums for an easy way to block it through CPanel but could not find anything. I used the International setting in Outlook and this may have blocked some but not all. Besides, that doesn't work on my mobile devices (naturally). I would like to block them with Account Level Filtering or Spam Assassin. Is there an easy way for a beginner to do this? Thanks for your help!
  3. Alex, Thanks. I went to cPanel and saw what you did. I don’t know how I did it. Thanks for fixing it quickly. Al
  4. When I type in my website address, www.partners4success.net, I am directed to a TotalChoice Hosting web page that says the following: WELCOME TO YOUR NEW WEB SITE! PLEASE REVIEW YOUR WELCOME EMAIL. WELCOME TO TOTALCHOICE HOSTING I also receive a popup message, “Your ClickChatCold Account does not exist. Please visit www.clickchatsold.com to create your Live Chat account.” I can access my website with the following address http://partners4success.net/index.html I used to be able to access it with www.partners4success.net. I do not know how long this problem has been here. I just noticed it tonight when I tried to log on from another person’s computer (so it is not my computer or network). How do I set up the account to be able to access it the normal way? Thanks for your help.
  5. An update for anyone who may have the same problem. The name server change is still working after a year!
  6. It has been a little over a month and no problems. Changing name servers may have been the issue .. go figure!
  7. Andy, I got access to my web site about an hour after changing nameservers. This could be coincidence, could be the problem. I have been running five days now with no problem. One month and I might cautiously declare success. Thanks for the advice to everyone. Al
  8. Susie, Welcome to the forum. I am new to this forum also. You will fine the people very helpful. If customers are going to upload photos and fill out forms, ensure you have strong, up to date virus protection. I was involved with my local soccer club website that allowed people to fill out forms and such, and they were hit with a virus that propagated to people's machines who accessed the site's form page. My virus protection protected my computer, but many people had problems. I am not too sure how it happened to the web site, but it did. My hobby is photography so I look forward to seeing your web site when done. Good luck. Al
  9. Thanks for the idea, Andy. The DNS servers were pointing to NS3.TOTALCHOICENETWORKS.COM & NS4... I will change them and see what happens. The domain name people say this takes 24 to 36 hours to go throughout the internet, so we'll wait and see how this works. I appreciate your help. Al
  10. Well Bruce, I really haven't sorted it out yet. The problem has occurred twice since then, including tonight. I called the ISP and spent a little over an hour on the phone with them. They were having problems access the web site, but they checked their blocked ports to make sure that they weren't blocking my site. They also reviewed this forum thread so they could see what we have done. They could not find a problem, although they promised to look into it some more. There was one interesting thing they noted, however. My ISP had bought out the local one about two years ago. When I had done the nslookup as suggested in the forum, it returned the name of the old company (myeastern). The ISP thought that was interesting also. Also, since I talked to you last, I had bought a new computer with Vista. The problem occurs on both my Vista and XP machines. This is an odd problem.
  11. I checked my host file and compared it to the link from Madmanmcp. My file matched what the link had, so there was nothing wrong with the file. For those who may be following this thread, I have received some tips through private message that I would like to post, especially if anyone else may be having this problem. I did the following (Microsoft Tech Support article links are in parenthesis) PING NSLOOKUP (NSLOOKUP) _____________________________________________ The private message tip concluded: The results of the nslookup helps a lot. What it tells me is that the DNS server that your computer is looking up addresses (ns1.myeastern.com) is screwed up. It didn't have an entry for your site earlier in the day, then it had one later. I think that is one of your ISP's servers. If it is, you should contact your ISP again and tell them the results of the nslookup when you couldn't access your site. They should be able to understand the problem from that and fix their server or tell you different servers to use for DNS. If your ISP still isn't any help, or you have questions, let me know. _____________________________________________ TCH-Bruce also replied in private message (because I forwarded the information to him also): What that is telling you is your DNS server (the one you connect to) can't find your domains server. See this Microsoft article. h_tps://www.microsoft.com.nsatc.net/resourc...p.mspx?mfr=true I don't use my ISP's domain servers, I use an external set of name servers which seem to work better. I use OpenDNS to perform my DNS lookups. Check them out. They have instructions on how to modify your settings to use their servers. If your ISP allows you to use external DNS servers this will probably solve your issues. _____________________________________________ I will use this information when I call my ISP the next time I have this problem. _____________________________________________ The suggestion and results of what I did are as follows: I saw your forum posting about having trouble accessing your TCH web site. I wasn't sure if anyone had suggested the following troubleshooting steps... (I am sending this as a PM so that you don't have to post the results to the entire forum.) PING 1) From a DOS prompt, type "ping partners4success.net" - what happens? 2) Then type "ping www.partners4success.net" - what happens? 3) Then type "ping" - what happens? NSLOOKUP 4) From a DOS prompt, type "nslookup" then at the > prompt, type "partners4success.net" - what happens? BROWSER 5) In your browser, go to "<your cpanel account name> - what happens? I followed the instructions, both while I was having the problems and after I had access to my website. PING When I could not access my web site, the ping returned: Ping request could not find host partners4success.net. Please check the name and try again. When I could access my web site, ping returned: Pinging partners4success.net [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=52ms TTL=45 Reply from bytes=32 time=52ms TTL=45 Reply from bytes=32 time=56ms TTL=45 Reply from bytes=32 time=52ms TTL=45 Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 52ms, Maximum = 56ms, Average = 53ms NSLOOKUP When I could not access my web site, NSLOOKUP returned: C:\Users\Al>nslookup Default Server: ns1.myeastern.com Address: > partners4success.net Server: ns1.myeastern.com Address: *** ns1.myeastern.com can't find partners4success.net: Server failed When I could access my web site, NSLOOKUP returned: C:\Users\Al>nslookup Default Server: ns1.myeastern.com Address: > partners4success.net Server: ns1.myeastern.com Address: Non-authoritative answer: Name: partners4success.net Address:
  12. Unlucky for me, I get a chance to see if the host file is causing my problem because it is happening again. Once again, it is only on my Total Choice site. In addition to the comments, my host file has two lines. The first one is a numeric address (nnn.n.n.n, where n is a number). The second line is ::1. If safe, I’ll post the numeric address, let me know if necessary (don’t know if this should be a “secret” number from hackers).
  13. The host file would have been something good to look at before I reformatted the computers. I read about the files on Wikipedia after your post – there is some interesting information there (especially if there are any beginners reading this thread). I was suspecting a virus or malware on my network but discounted that because I am rigorous about virus protection software. It seems that the host file could have blocked me from access my site. Once again, why only my site I have no idea, and why intermittently also is a mystery. Considering I have been running longer since I reformatted than any recent period, and all the feedback I got from everyone, I have to suspect it was my computers. Since I am an optimist, my computers are running faster. They needed the cleaning (and the project is complete!).
  14. Where would I find the host files? I agree that reformatting was overkill, but it was one of those diminishing return things that you read about all the time - project due, things not working, desperation. At least the computers run faster now.
  15. The ISP didn't help. They could see the site. I ended up reformating my computers and restablishing my network. This was a lot of work and it will take weeks to get things back to normal, but it had to be done. So far, things are working alright with access to my site. I still am intrigued that it was only my site that I could not access...
  16. No luck guys. I just got back from vacation and it quit working again. I tried the public DNS servers with no luck. The next step is to call the ISP on Monday.
  17. My connection has been working for about a day and a half now. I appreciate everyone's help and ideas. I have a better understanding of what this means and more prepared to talk to my ISP if it happens again. Also, thanks to Madmanmcp for the link. If I have this problem again, I can use one of the public servers to see if I can get through. I wish I could contribute to this forum to help others but this isn't my strength. If you guys have a question about photography or organizational culture, feel free to contact me! Thanks again. Al
  18. Thanks for the suggestions. This is a home network, but last night I bypassed the router, went straight to the modem, and still had the problem, thereby eliminating the network (I think). I was going to use Thomas's suggestion and call a friend who uses the same ISP and then call the ISP today, but my connection magically works today. I give it a few days to act up again (unnecessary pessimism?) and then I'll try Thomas's idea. It sounds feasible to me. But I still can't figure out why it only happens with this one web site!?! (My refrigerator broke this weekend also - maybe there's a connection.)
  19. Thomas & Bruce, I am impressed that my site has been viewed from Sweden! I bypassed my router tonight and had no luck, so it doesn't appear to be my router. I don't think it is my computer because none of the computers on the network can access my site. I typed the address for hyperspin and found places as far away as the Netherlands and Australia, so this suggest to me that the domain regstrar is properly propagating. It seems that the next step for me is to talk to my ISP again. I can't understand why my ISP would not update just my site.
  20. But why just this one site? I am not knowledgable on DNS propagation, but I find it interesting it only happens to me with this site. (I still need to connect without my router.)
  21. Thanks guys for your suggestion. I will try to connect through the router after I shut everything down today. If this is the problem, would this indicate that the router is going bad?
  22. Thanks for the quick replay. My domain name is partners4success.net The TCH status indicates that the server is up and running.
  23. I have been having a problem accessing my web site and email over the past week and a half. My email program reports that the email server cannot be found. My web browser (IE) states that either the web site is unavailable, DNS is not reachable, or the DNS does not have a listing for the website's domain. After a few days I can access my site and email. After a day of accessing my site, the problem repeats itself again without me doing anything obvious and then I cannot access my email and web site again. The only web site that this appears to happen with is mine. I can access everything else I try to access on the web. The DNS propagation explanation made sense to me (although I really don't know what it is), but the problem keeps repeating itself every few days only on my web site. I have been working with TCH technical support who have been very responsive. However, I am very confused by the issue and it is not resolved at this time. I would appreciate anyone's insight or help on where (or which forum) to post this message. Based on the information from tech support, I have done the following: From a DOS window, I typed tracert <mydomainname> and received the following: Unable to resolve target system name. Tech support indicated that this appeared to be a block at my end. I was able to access the web page with a direct link (http://nnn.nn.nnn.nnn/~username). Tech support suggested that there was a propagation issue with my domain and I needed to wait. From a DOS window, I then typed ipconfig /flushdns, rebooted, and still was not able to access the site. Tech support suggested waiting for DNS propagation. I disabled my virus and firewall software and still was unable to access the site. I also reset my router to flush it. Tech support suggested that the issue could be with my ISP. I contacted my ISP to ensure that they we not blocking anything. They were not blocking and were able to reach the site using the same server that my computer goes through.
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