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    The alt attribute (yes, it’s an attribute, not a tag) contains an alternative description, and is required for images and image maps. It can only be used for the img, area, and input elements (and the deprecated applet element). For the input element, the alt attribute is meant to be used for graphical submit buttons: <input type="image" src="image.gif" alt="Submit" />. Use the alt attribute to provide text for visitors who, for whatever reason, can’t see the images in your document. This includes visitors using browsers that cannot display images or have image display disabled, visually impaired visitors, and screen screen reader users. Alt text is to be used instead of an image, not as additional information.
  2. Gone through the link and found it very useful... thx for sharing the info guys.
  3. remi

    Rgb To Cmyk

    Your scanner almost certainly generates RGB information. Don't worry, that's how it's supposed to work. In fact, you should leave your color files in RGB mode until you need to finalize your project, or until you need to know CMYK ink values so you can match colors in another program. While you are working you can check how your files are going to look by turning on the "CMYK preview" mode. Don't make repeated changes between RGB and CMYK mode, using the mode menu. Every time you switch, a little clarity is lost. One switch is no problem; 20 switches makes a difference. RGB files are 25% smaller and therefore 25% faster to work with and easier to store. The SWOP CMYK gamut is pretty small. If you ever want to reproduce those files for a different medium (such as the web), you'll have thrown away some potentially useful information.
  4. My vote is for Photoshop too. Its an awesome product. Esp in Slicing, if u start working...you dont get rid of that.
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