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  1. Hello,


    After some extensive searching, the IP you are trying to ban is actually the IP of the search engine, Ask Jeeves or Ask as it is now known as.


    Remember, when looking at the stats, make sure the time is the same as the time zone you are in.


    I would not bother to ban the IP, but if you really must, consider using robots. txt too to control the path of the robot



  2. Hello Jim,


    For the "false" page, I would recommended removing all the javascript that you call in and place each one back in, line by line, and see which one brings up the "false", you just then need to find which script it is.


    For the IE background issuse, again, remove all your background tags and try them out one by one to find the culprit.


    Btw your "false error", having looked at the CSS in firefox with my web dev plugin, at the bottom of the CSS from hxxp://oms.jhollin1138.com/style/CalendarControl.css there is a line with the words "java script:false;". Wonder if thats it?



  3. It has come to our attention that due to the way some browsers interpret image tags a vulnerability exists which allows a malicious user to perform an XSS attack by forcing an "onerror" event in the snapback tag.


    To update your board, simply download the attached ZIP file, unarchive it and upload 'sources/classes/bbcode/class_bbcode_core.php' over the one on your server. If you wish to patch your board manually, please read the second post in this announcement.


    The main download has been updated as of the time of this announcement.


    Note: IPB 2.2.0 (all versions) are NOT affected by this vulnerability.


    You can find more here (scroll down!)



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