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  1. Sorry Carbonize! Had a client waiting... Thanks for stopping by though! Dan
  2. Hey All, Thanks for your suggestions and ideas. I've tried a lot of different programming related solutions and have given up. I've shifted the problem to being design related and have now changed the site's design to fit the programming. Done. Cheers, Dan
  3. Hi Dick, Thanks for your reply. Yes, you're right. However, the whole point of having it position: fixed is so the bottom nav not scroll along with the photos. Any other ideas given these requirements? Dan
  4. Hey Bruce, No worries! I'm the meantime, I'm testing away with ideas. I'll post some of those in the next couple hours. Cheers, Dan
  5. Hey CSSers, So here's the trick: Site: http://krisvdv.net/portfoliocss/places/ CSS: http://krisvdv.net/portfoliocss/ndxz-studio/site/PIXistez%20White/style.css The goal is to have a fixed header and footer, and allow the images to scroll horizontally. It looks and works great UNTIL you test in a smaller window size. Then, for some reason I can't figure out, as soon as you need a vertical scroll, the footer div can no longer be seen... thus not allowing visitors to see the bottom links. Any ideas? Thanks! Dan
  6. Hi Bruce, Thanks for answering some of my questions. To the support desk piece... Interestingly, I did post a ticket with the sales desk yesterday, but for some reason, I'm now being told that there is no ticket linked to my email... AND I get the "Error: Invalid email or ticket key". Strange stuff. Dan
  7. Hello All, Fabulous responses to similar topics already existing in this pre-sales forum! This is great!! The Situation I am a long-time client of TCH and have always recommended its services to my web clients. You guys are great! I've recently been hired by a private school, one who has pretty heavy web hosting needs. The school has one domain name. Their site is currently about 3GB (and growing), full of audio and video. They run a PHP rich site and offer podcasts to their students. Their monthly bandwidth ranges from 8-20GBs. Average around 750 sessions per day, some very short (as the school homepage is the default page on all the school's browsers) and other longer. Any thing else that would help you help me? Questions for clarification - Do you also see that the semi-dedicated package is the best TCH fit for the school OR do you see another package being a better fit? - In getting the Semi-Dedicated Fully Managed Dual Intel P3 Server package, my assumption is that I cannot buy additional RAM... If that's the case, 512MB sounds a little sluggish - thoughts? If it turns out I CAN buy additional RAM, how much would you recommend? - It sounds to me that the semi-dedicated package is essentially the same as tch's virtual web hosting other than space and bandwidth. Is that right? Or is the administration, say from a webmaster's point-of-view, much different? - In the semi-dedicated package, do I have access to configuring the MX records? The school has its own internal mail server. That's all I can think of right now. Thanks in advance for helping me clarify some of my outstanding questions. I look forward to getting the school's website up-and-running on the tch servers! Regards, Dan -------------------------- Daniel Séguin
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