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  1. 1- Convert excel to csv 2- Fire up phpmyadmin from cpanel link 3- upload csv data using link "Insert data from a text file into the table" 4- Crack open a beer
  2. I use thunderbird too, but lately the spam has been getting through.
  3. I think you could do it by adding an equally sized empty div, height sized to match the footer. This would be relatively positioned so that your absolutely positioned footer would fit on occassions where your content stretches the page out. But you'd have to ask yourself why you wanted to do it this way when you could just relatively position the footer and set a minimum height for the div containing your content. The relative positioning kicks in when the content is long, the minimum height for the content div kicks in when it's not.
  4. Unless you're doing something really funky with your PHP code, I would have to say that it's doubtful that PHP is the culprit. PHP is just dutifully completely tasks on the server before any content is sent to the browser. The javascript is client side, as you know, so the two stay out of each other's way. Is there a link to the page you can provide? And you also might try the javascript console provided with FireFox. It's helped me debug javascript many times.
  5. Thank you all for your kind words, support, and help!
  6. Rob, You're smart to ask... because that's where I found the clue that got things moving in the right direction. A search for IdeChnDr.sys turned up some info for Intel Ultra ATA Controller (whatever that is) and a search of Intel's feeble support site indicated that they don't really support this driver any more and the last update was in October of 2002. So, in desperation, I went into the control panel, System, Hardware, etc. and clicked on properties for the driver. There was an option to 'rollback' to an earlier version. I closed my eyes and clicked. Rebooted and crossed my fingers. When Frankenstein awoke he was ready to do a defrag. The next thing I did was a ChkDsc. I had done this prior, but with no results. I must have checked a different option (such as to attempt repair automatically) because the chkdsk took much longer and actually found 5 or 6 bad sectors, including one where the virus scan and the defrag had been choking previously. When all 5 steps of chkdsk were done, I reloaded Norton AV and I'm now in the middle of completing a scan of the computer (nothing so far... not surprised). I am trying to decide whether I should put the 2002 driver for the intel ATA controller back. My theory is that there were bad sectors on the hard disk and that they may be fixed now. But obviously there's a part of me that thinks I should let it ride and not f- with it. What took the longest to debug this was the fact that the OS was set to reboot automatically on a major failure. This bypassed the BSOD and so there was no error information for me to see. I had to come across some tips during my research that indicated how to turn off this setting so I could see the error message. Then it was a matter of figuring out what to make of the gobbley gook on the blue screen. Looks like I may not have to buy a new computer just yet.
  7. Maybe I'll switch to AVG, but uninstalling Norton didn't do any good. When I do the defrag, it analyzes the disk (C:) and then starts in on the defrag. It compresses the files, then starts moving a file or two around. It seems like every single time it chokes and reboots when the status message says 'moving Inbox'. I also went into the control panel and turned off the setting to reboot on a fatal error (aka stop) so I could see the Blue Screen of Death in all its glory. The message I'm getting starts with 'Driver_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL' @cajumanforlife - 2006
  8. I think I may be on to something. Possible culprit... Norton Anti Virus. I'll update after I know more.
  9. That info would be useful, wouldn't it? XP Home. No major changes. The only thing I can think that I updated recently was Adobe Reader 7. For some reason, I can't use a CD on reboot. I put in the XP cd and my computer just boots up normally. I think my next attempt is to reboot to safe mode and try to restore to a previous point.
  10. I've tried most of the suggestions from that link, curtis (thanks for the help) but so far nothing has worked. The problems reported on that page you linked to seemed to indicate they were getting the error message every time - even when there was no crash. My computer is indeed crashing. It crashes when I attempt a virus scan or defrag. I still have one or two things to try.
  11. Three days ago, I was doing my normal thing... left the room and came back to find that the computer had shut down all open programs while I was gone. I shutdown, reboot, and when the computer came back on Norton AV was telling me there was an error accessing the system database. Symantec's website gave no valuable info on this error... as usual. Each time I reboot I'd get the same error. So, I decided to backup everything valuable and do a full system scan. During the scan for viruses, about 15 minutes in, the system reboots. When it comes back on, I get the typical windows popup that says 'Your computer has recovered from a serious error'. Here's the specifics C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini030406-04.dmp C:\DOCUME~1\Owner\LOCALS~1\Temp\WER1.tmp.dir00\sysdata.xml BCCode : d1 BCP1 : 00000034 BCP2 : 00000002 BCP3 : 00000000 BCP4 : F75418F0 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 0_0 Product : 768_1 Several attempts at a full system scan fail in the same way. So I decide to try a defrag of the hard drive. As soon as it starts moving files, bam, reboot. I've really tried to research this kind of problem but haven't found anything definitive. I tried creating a boot image of 'memtest' to run some diagnostics but for some reason the computer won't boot from the CD I created. Using the computer normally hasn't yet resulted in a spontaneous reboot.... It seems to occur only when doing system scans and defrags. As smart as I am with software, I'm out of my element with hardware. This computer is several years old, but I get the feeling there's more life in her if I can figure out what's going on with this. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  12. Formatting your videos in FLV and using an appropriate flash player on your site will start the video playing before the entire video downloads. I don't believe this is technically a true streaming video (or a streaming daemon) but it will eat some bandwidth like crazy. My tip: small display dimensions and reduce the quality of the frames. Also, you'll want to play with the frame rate and some of the other settings. Depending on the type of footage shot, other file options (AVI, WMV, etc) may give you a smaller file size.
  13. I have several sites that use the PHP date() function for various reasons... some of which are 'mission critical' for the site operation. I can't say I've ever seen erratic date changes. You could easily set up a loop that echos the php date and see if it changes during the loop.
  14. I haven't tried it, but yes. As with any major change - backup what you got.
  15. Couldn't you modify this? altlab.com/htaccess_tutorial.html Like this--> >RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://(www\.)?example\.com/ [NC RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$ RewriteRule \.(jpe?g|gif|bmp|png|asx)$ images/nohotlink.jpg [L]
  16. A session is a type of cookie. As I said: A little research and I've solved your problem: >$url = 'yoursite.com';// leave off www and http:// !!!!!! session_set_cookie_params(0,'/', '.'.$url,''); session_start(); I have tested on my own server.
  17. Shouldn't be lost. With cookies I've noticed that it really depends on how you set the cookie, and that there is a way to make it work whether www or not. php.net is a great resource on these kinds of questions. The user input is really a goldmine.
  18. PHP has shortcomings in this area http://www.raditha.com/php/progress.php
  19. Black Hat (BH) finds your form, and discovers easy vulnerability (that's the scenario). They automatically post 10,000 names to your form processor. Under normal conditions your form processor is designed to take information posted to it and safely email it to you (or your client). But BH knows how to convince your web script to put those 10,000 names into the BCC of the email that goes out to you. 10,000 people get an email about member elongation, with your return email address. 200 or the 10,000 report you to SpamCop or their ISP. Your server's IP address is banned by AOL, hotmail, Yahoo, and Earthlink. Your website is terminated for violation of the AUP at TCH. (Just one scenario) Or... you have a scipt that determines the recipient at runtime when it receives the 'recipient' variable from a hidden tag in your form... very insecure. BH puts the 10,000 names into the 'recipient' array of data that is posted to your website. Same end result.
  20. I saw this a long time ago and never found a use for it, but it might fit your needs: http://www.activewidgets.com/javascript.fo...ation-like.html
  21. Thank you Bill. That means a lot. (Inside remark for Bill: I may be a slow learner... but I learn )
  22. I creted a post just for you... you'll see it. By the way, I came across two other resources. One I just installed. I am embarrassed to say that I've had this sitting on my wife's computer for months and only just now downloaded the latest version and installed... http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html Amazing. I've tried running other servers on my computer before... no real success. This installed like a dream. The other resource I can't personally vouce for, but it might be something you want to look at: campaignmonitor.com
  23. Yep, Jack is my name. Even though TCH has kindly endorsed Ultimate Form Mail, they really don't want anyone using their forum for commercial gain. So I will restrict my answers to yes/no and provide details in my forum (see signature). 1- Yes 2a- Yes 2b - Not sure what you're asking, I'll discuss in my forum in you want 3- Yes 4- Yes To your other questions 1- It depends. I have my own CMS system that I often use, but for Ultimate Form Mail I used a Word Press blog for a specific reason... I wanted feedback on the site and two way communication... not just one way communication from me to my visitors/clients. That was a calculated move. 2- What I use is certainly not the end all and be all of web development. But to answer your questions, over the years I have developed a few CSS-P layouts that I can use as starting points and cut my webdevelopment time dramatically. I then created the images and backgrounds in Photoshop (older version, not CS) and I edit the CSS right on the server using GridinSoft Notepad Lite (Notepad basically). So I just do the CSS by hand. After a while, it's just faster and easier. One of the few things DW does that helps with PHP coding (95% of what I do) is the coloring of source code. I can tell when I've made a typo that will kill the script before saving at least half the time. I use FileZilla for FTP and often edit pages right on the server (I think I said that already). But understand that I'm a coder/app builder/entrepreneur who has become proficient at CSS-P web design as an afterthought... So for the design side of things, you might want to ask around. I'm phasing out web design for clients in 2006 and focusing on my own projects (several going and several in the works). 3- It kinda depends on the situation. There's no magic bullet. Heavy image gallery required... I use Gallery. It autosizes using GD pretty darn well. Less than 50 images and you want pizzazz... I use a flash gallery but I have to resize the photos on my computer, and so I use Photoshop or batch process using Picassa. 4- I haven't taken the time to tinker with Flikr, partly because I'm a relatively private person and have only recently posted a single picture of myself online. But I have been considering this more and more, just to see what all the buzz is surrounding the usability of the service. I have seen some interesting WP plugins using Flikr technology. I appreciate your interest in what I use... but there are many folks around here that would share with you completely different lists of tools, some of which may work better for you than mine. If my list helps, great. But please ask others what they use, because my list is certainly not exhaustive. My post in your thread was meant to try to help folks do more with less knowledge. Over the years, with each leap forward in knowledge, I've had to go back and 'fix' all the websites I ever created to make them look better, work more effectively, and to be more secure. I hate seeing people struggle up the steep learning curve, trying to learn PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript (and Ajax), layout, flash, streaming audio and video, etc etc etc when so often there's a tool they can start using right away. IMHO, it's fun learning this stuff, but I also have to balance the fun with getting projects done. Your thread was in regards to contact forms, database storage, and newsletters. I think there's a LOT of potential downside to rolling your own if you don't know what you're doing. Look in these forums and by and large, the thing that gets people in the most trouble has something to do with email. So, just because you can build something that does the job, doesn't mean you should. And personally, I think that running a newsletter off your own server out of a mysql database is not a good idea, even using one of the many newsletter apps out there. But there are other opinions and I'm sure there are plenty here that will disagree with my feelings on the topic.
  24. surefire

    Frontpage 2003

    There are some ways using IE 'behaviors' that you can force IE to support (somewhat) png transparency. You get a tiny flicker sometimes on the page load, as IE corrects itself and shows the transparent version... but it's possible to do. Search for 'IE png transparency .htc'
  25. Dean, I'll admit my bias upfront - I wrote and sell the form mail script endorsed by TCHosting - but judge what I have to say based on the quality of the info: Yesterday I was talking with a dear friend that is a teacher at a local high school. She teaches technology, web design, flash, Photoshop, etc. She was telling me how difficult it is for her to keep up to speed with all the changes with web design. I asked her what she was working on with her kids: tables. I asked her what lessons I could help her with that she had coming up. When she said she was considering a lesson on framesets, I told her don't bother... no one uses them except for really specific situations that account for about .005% of what is done on the web. I proposed that she have me come in and teach the kids start to finish how to do something that is (1) useful and (2) somewhat interesting. My suggestion: WordPress blog start to finish. [this story has a point... stick with me] I explained that the people looking to get things done, rather than learn how to reinvent the wheel for three years before getting something done, are using blogs, cms products, and other "done for you" packages that can be deployed with a minimal amount of skill. I reminded her that when she asked me to put a gallery on her website so her students could upload their Photoshop artwork that I uploaded Gallery (Menalto)... Even though I have the technical ability to create my own PHP gallery I'd be an idiot to do it. Gallery has been tweaked and improved by very skilled programmers for years. My point: don't reinvent the wheel if the wheel is readily available. Specifically to your questions: 1- Mailing list I highly recommend managing your newsletter through a free/nearly free/or even an expensive third party system. Why? It's done, it's quick, it's less likely to get you banned for spamming, it will look better when your clients receive it, and a whole host of other reasons. Is it possible to create your own newsletter system out of a mysql database? Sure. But it's a bad idea. Besides the things I already mentioned, you're going to hit an upper limit on the number of emails TCH will allow you to send at one time. The correct next question is not "What is that upper limit?" but rather "Why would I want to reinvent the wheel when there are companies that have been perfecting this deal for years that I can just plug into?". Want a free starter option? ConstantContact. Free for up to list of 100 last time I checked. 2- Contact form If you don't like or want to use mine, then get someone else's that is proven secure. However, my most recent version allows you to process the contact AND simultaneously send the user's info over to that third party newsletter system (whoever you choose) and have them signed up to your newsletter instantly. I'm not aware of any other code out there that does this. But if you are going to reinvent the wheel on this step, be warned that you aren't going to think of all the defenses against spammers that I and others have discovered over the years that we've been doing this, improving our software, testing, and getting feedback. And if your contact form (the achilles heel of all websites) gets compromised by spammers, don't be surprised if your site is shut down. TCH has to protect the other people on your server. Why spend a long time becoming an expert on something that you could have crossed off your list for $25 or less. 3- There is no holy grail of webdesign tools Dreamweaver is a great tool. I use it. But for most projects I end up using a wide variety of tools, some of which Dreamweaver is NOT good at. Two examples, don't even dream of creating a complicated PHP app that pulls data from a MySQL database using the automated DW tools. And any professional webdesigner will agree with my second example: advanced CSS does not display correctly in DW at all... not even remotely close (not that FrontPage does it any better). DW is not a browser and so to see more advanced CSS and how it reacts in Firefox, Opera, IE, etc you have to upload the code and hit it with a browser. Come to think of it, DW is a poor FTP client too... but listen, I like DW and use it every day. If learning PHP and webdesign is your goal, and you have all the time in the world to devote to it, then you're asking good questions. If getting your project done quickly and correctly in a reasonable amount of time, then I humbly suggest that the best question is "What pre-done services and code can I glue together to make this baby fly?" PS - I always look for other people's stuff to use first... whether it's free or for sale. I've paid $800+ for a already-done classified ad system. $199 for an affiliate system. That's just the tip of the iceberg. Don't think I do this because I have money to burn... time is money. If someone else has created exactly (or almost) what I'm looking for, why would I spend six months creating the same thing?
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