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  1. Congrats, Turtle. I knew it was only a matter of time.
  2. And Christy, I would also mention that this code most likely will not work until your site moves over completely to TCH. Of course, you could try this at your other host if they have PHP. But trying it at TCH before your site moves over will NOT work... in my experience.
  3. Unless you have purposely changed your directory name, I think the line shoule read Also, I see that your redirect is pointing to your home page... you might want to construct a thank you page and set the redirect to that location. Example:
  4. I wish I had direct experience with this script... but I don't. You might want to consider PM to those in this thread that seem to have used it successfully. On another note, it appears that the cron is working... so maybe your issue is with the script. To troubleshoot, I would change one of these files and see what happens the next go-round.
  5. I'm not exactly sure what it does... but I like the fact that you're using the GD library... one of the more esoteric bells and whistles offered by TCH. Cool stuff. Thanks for posting your hard work.
  6. To each their own... I can't tell you how thrilled I am that TCH gives you SO much stuff. When I saw the plan for $4 per month I thought... you gotta be kidding. I think that's too cheap. But I'm glad it's available. Are there cheaper... yes. But some of my sites are revenue generators for me... and I feel like going for the cheapest is like shopping for a cheap parachute or a cheap heart surgeon... not a wise idea. In my opinion... Rock Sign
  7. Rick, if you don't mind... would you be able to post an example of the cron you wrote... as close to the real deal as possible. It seems that writing cron gives lots of us difficulties. (Yours truly included) Thanks.
  8. Appears to be random. Here are more details: Two sites... both at TCH mysite-one.com mysite-two.com I have two scripts on mysite-one.com that are getting emails bounced back from mysite-two.com. One uses the mail function, the other uses a more complex script that uses smtp to send the email. Both are getting email bounced back... but not 100% of the time, more like 95%. I have troubleshooted the problem by having the script send three emails: one to an isp related personal account I have, one to mysite-three.com (another tCH account), and one to mysite-two.com Consistently, mysite-two.com bounces back. It's weird... very weird. I even got a bounce back when I sent an email straight from my isp account to the anything@mysite-two.com Originally, when all this started, I thought there was an issue with the mail() function because I notice that it takes a pretty long time for the mail to reach the destination. But sending via smtp is almost instantaneous. So when I plugged in this script (which I use a LOT), and it didn't work.. I was surprised. The more I experiement, the more I believe there is an issue with email at this one account. I'm sure Rick or someone at TCH will solve it.
  9. Let me clarify... I have not set up any email accounts on any of my sites at tch. I set up Outlook to grab email from TCH accounts using main username and password. This works perfectly well on all my sites but one... and it's not how I set up Outlook. Some of the mail comes through... and some gets bounced. It's weird.
  10. Thanks guys. The reason I ask such a silly question is that one of my sites is bouncing back emails. It's really strange because none of my other TCH sites do it. And I've been troubleshooting this all night. Rick is helping me with the support ticket... I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going crazy or maybe that just posting would jog my brain.
  11. Hello all, Question: Can I use my chosen default email address (username@mysite.com) as a catch-all for emails or do I have to set up individual accounts for each email address? My assumption is that if someone sends the following emails: test@mysite.com anything@mysite.com sales@mysite.com Then I should be able to receive these emails through my correctly configured email client... right?
  12. I can't think of any reason why not. Another solution would be to amend the script to backup each of the db's to the same folder so you have one directory and one script and one cron job. But let's use the KISS method... unless you're feeling bold, I'd do this 1- manually back up everything 2- read the directions for the script 3- test it out on one database 4- if successful, roll it out to the other three
  13. From my experience, you are going to have to just make the switch and cross your fingers. One way that you might be able to test first would be to create a new directory on an existing TCH site that you own (if that's the case... and I believe it is the case for you... I've seen you posting before). Upload your entire site to this directory and test it out. Now, I know that the way that I code php would prevent this from working without major code rewrite... so that kinda defeats the purpose. But maybe you could test a few of the more vital pages that have you concerned. I moved a VERY large site to TCH and I'm glad I made the move but it's been a long week or so of recoding several pages and debugging script that was sloppily written. Best of luck to you.
  14. This is a very small one page script. You should be able to extract the file onto your hard drive and ftp it to your site after you read the directions in the script. I haven't had time today to mess with it. But I looked at the code and it's pretty straightforward.
  15. .shtm tells the server that there will be server side includes (code) that needs to be parsed by the server before html is generated and sent over the web. I have no idea if this is the solution for your problems or not... but I thought I'd chime in with an answer to your question on shtml.
  16. That's not my understanding. I'm 99% sure that databases reside on the same server as your website. After you ftp your files, you'll have to log in to the Cpanel (web based admin) and set up a new database, create a user, and assign a user. More than likely, you will have to rewrite some of the php code to point the script to the new database, tables, and login information. If you have a mysql dump file, then this will make your job a little easier. If this is your first time working with php and mysql, and you need to get this company website up asap, then I'd suggest hiring someone and getting it done right. If time is not critical, then you can certainly manage to do it yourself... but the learning curve might be a bit steep. TCH has webdesign and scripting services available.
  17. This looks VERY promising. http://www.phpfreaks.com/script/view/11.php Can't wait to try it. (Note to self... manually backup db before testing this new script.)
  18. Okay... I haven't used this personally. But here's a link you might try http://www.bullzip.com/products/msa2mys/info.php I found in Google with search
  19. I meant to say more... but that basically says I'm willing to help any way I can.
  20. Dang... Chris has got game.
  21. Doesn't have to be PHP... as you probably figured out. But here's what I'd write test.php
  22. I've been meaning to look for a backup script. I seem to recall a thread at TCH that had a link to such a script and gave a cron command to execute it. I think it would also be pretty cool if such a script could email the dump file (backup) in an atachment... not sure if that's possible or not. I'll look into this and post my findings.
  23. (Without looking at the script...) I'm all for creativity and thinking 'outside the box' but I have a feeling that that this resource could be abused even if your intentions are good. Scenario... well meaning TCH member puts script on site and opens it up to the public. Nefarious user opens up an account and starts to spam. End user reports spam to TCH. Head Guru cracks down on pop email accounts to protect other TCH users. Certain IP's at TCH are banned by ISP's. Maybe I'm over reacting. But I'd be one p o'd son of a gun if all of a sudden my emails are getting blocked because someone using the same IP was spammin or helped a third party to spam.... regardless of intentions. If I've proposed a ridiculous scenario that could never happen, then I apologize in advance.
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