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  1. Put the video on disk or cd and mail to them. Or zip it up and email it to them. Obviously, snail mail increases the cost dramatically... but if you prescreen then your costs won't skyrocket. One easy way to prescreen is to require small payment to cover postage. Even if this isn't your first choice, it should still be an option for those, like me, who use dial up and wouldn't ever consider viewing your 35 min movie online.
  2. Oooh... I know the answer to that one. Yes. It is good.
  3. I think this (99 cents per song) idea is a great one too and was kinda hoping that it was already available for regular pc's Does anyone know of sites where individual songs (popular songs) can be downloaded for a small fee? I'd use a site like that all day long!
  4. Just to muddy the waters further... it would be VERY professional to have an adobe acrobat version available too.
  5. The only other way to trigger regular execution of a script is to have it called (included?) in a page of your site that gets hit often (index?) two downsides: 1- Too many hits = drain on resources and redundant 2- Not enough hits = infrequent script execution
  6. Found in cpanel. You set up a directive on the server that automatically runs scripts that you choose at time intervals that you choose. You could set up the cron to run a time checking script every five minutes... for example. I wouldn't set it to run more often than one minute... but you could.
  7. At the risk of p#ssing off a bunch of folks: 1- I believe that downloading music for free from the internet is stealing. 2- I think that any software that damages another computer is criminal and that this tactic is an improper way to deal with stealing. When you download music for free from the internet that is protected by copyright then you are stealing someone else's property. When someone damages a computer with software (or any other way) then that is damaging someone's property. Two wrongs do not make a right. I'm not allowed to attach a hand grenade to my car to punish would-be-thieves.
  8. I also haven't done it in a while but should be an option for most zip software (Winzip etc.) Sorry, I don't have time right this second to test.
  9. Okay. Then I would go with the ideas that were presented by Andy B and activate with a cron or some other script if you get enough traffic. Cron would probably be best.
  10. The page opened fine for me. Did you see my last suggestion?
  11. I've been thinking of chiming in but I have a question: What is your purpose? Do you want users to be logged out after a certain time? Or is your goal to have an active representation of who is online? Clarifying this will help me/us give you ideas.
  12. Maybe a solution would be to create a self-extracting zip file. The user's computer wouldn't immediately recognize it as a Word file and would be prompted to open or save. Once downloaded, they could click the file and it would open in Word. That's my 2 cents. Maybe only worth one.
  13. I got notified by other means... google-dance.com Quick clarification, dance adjusts the position of sites based on last deepcrawl, right? So if freshbot is all I've gotten thus far (although lots of pages) then I'd assume that this dance means nothing to me... right? Thanks
  14. With a bit of php know how, you can tie almost any two scripts together. I incorporated the phpbb sign up process to another script and just added some code so that phpbb INSERTed more data into other tables that the other scripts use. I know that doesn't tell you HOW... but it would be very difficult to write step by step directions.
  15. To print this: You need to write: The forward slash escapes the character that follows it and tells the server, "I really want you to print this next character, don't translate it into code."
  16. And that's how you learn! Good for you. Keep at it.
  17. Yep. One of those little secrets that is a real mind opener (and time saver) when discovered. Funny how one of the best uses for php is also the easiest.
  18. Depends on how vital your database info is to you. There is a script found and tested by TCH members that auto backs up your database daily. You can find it in the scripting forum.
  19. Holy smokes! Is that great service or what?! Way to go Jimuni. Side note... T-4_L Please back up your database on a regular basis. There is a tutorial on it in the scripting forum at TCH. Backing up will save you tremendous stress and anxiety the day that you need it.
  20. Sorry I didn't jump in ealier... I was working on a client's website all day yesterday. Here's another idea that should be foolproof (although I think Andy's method should work too). It takes a little re-coding. Rather than having the included header file try to figure out which page included it, maybe you could try assigning the current page url to a variable, and then including the header. The header can access that variable. I do something similar when I assign the page title and meta tags before including the header file. The header takes the variables and produces my meta tags for me and sets the page h1 tag. More than one way to skin a cat. Andy, kudos to you for your hands-on work here! I'll buy you a pint the next time you're in Florida.
  21. Glad to have you as a TCH member. And thanks for using the forums.
  22. I did a quit search to add something valuable... but alas, Borfast has given the best answer I could find. Nothing for me to add here. Please let us know if this solved the issue for you.
  23. Others will have more expereince with cron than I do... but I had success with lynx.
  24. I strongly encourage Zone Alarm. Very effective. Highly rated. Can be set up to work in the background without bothering you. Initially, it will ask you about each application you use while online, but if you judiciously decide which apps are always okay to let access the internet, then you never have to answer again. I've been using ZA for years and wouldn't surf without it.
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