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  1. http://www.travelnursedepot.com/
  2. I know this isn't a direct answer to the question orginally posted... But couldn't you just put an index.htm file in every folder? Blank page just so that there's an index page. That's what I do... but I might be missing something.
  3. One way to know for sure if there is a probelm is to load up a test page with a script like <?php mail("you@yoursite.com", "test", "test"); ?> If you have a yahoo account, then you could test this too. It is known that hotmail will often need the full headers in order to work. There is info on this issue at php.net
  4. By the way, are there free partition tools or would I be better off buying one?
  5. Wow, this is like discovering a whole new world. I can really relate to what phatfunkjazz said I want to do BOTH... if only there were more hours in the day. Right now I've got a flood of web design business that's piling up. So play time will have to wait until next week. This information is awesome! I can't wait to jump into this... and the stuff you guys have posted is like getting a huge boost up the learning curve.
  6. Borfast, you da' man. That helps a ton. Best post I've read in a long time. I'm going to give it a whirl and see how it goes!
  7. I know that there are several TCH users who use Linux for their OS instead of Micro$oft. I don't currently have the luxury of giving it a try and won't until I get myself a second computer. I'd LOVE to dump windows, but since it's all I know... that step is a little scary. If you have the time, I'd like to hear your thoughts, pros and cons on Linux vs Windows. Especially, and forgive my ignorance, how many software programs have you found to give you problems on Linux because they were written for Windows? Also, is this something that is only recommended for a hardcore techie? Or would someone with good to decent computer skills expect to have success? Thanks.
  8. Great design... very slick. I though I'd mention that your CSS styled page "breaks" if the window size is reduced. For example, using ie6, with favorites listed down the left side of the screen, the menu across the top of your site gets scrunched and the resulting positioning is off. Just a thought, maybe you could consider sizing the divs with pixels, even though it would push the content out past the window a bit. CSS positioning is very tricky, I'm trying to get better at it myself. As much as I'd love to use it, I've found that it slows down my projects rather than speed it up.
  9. Yes. You just have to go into the code of the script and add the variable into the spot where you see the mail() function. That's where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. I'll give this a try since others have asked the same thing. It is written to make this happen, but I haven't put it into use. Lots of folks think I wrote the script... but I didn't... I've made some improvements to the original one. I'll test it out tonight.
  10. Dsdemmin, given the potential changes we're considering for the forum, maybe you'd be willing to decipher my results: PR still is zero out of 10 4,160 pages indexed AwStats says Google visited 51.82 MB worth of my pages (4,700+ pgs) this past month My assumption is that things are moving in the right direction for my site and perhaps I'll be included in the next dance. Are there any red flags that would indicate that Google is rejecting my pages or anything along those lines that would require drastic, immediate attention? Thanks so much.
  11. The link's working now. I guess the site was down this afternoon.
  12. Borfast, that link I followed from your post seems to just give the xml code. Maybe their site is having problems right now. I was curious to see what it would do... I've seen your posts and get the sense that you're an expert php-er.
  13. Please share a list of some of you favorite scripts, and why you like them. If you can, please include a link to the site. Let me go ahead and get these out of the way so we can move on to less-well-known scripts. All Time Greats 1- Invision Board 2- phpBB 3- phpMyAdmin
  14. I thought it would be interesting to jot down the best "pearls of wisdom" you've received or quotes that you've found to be useful. Let's see where this goes. You can list as many "pearls" as you want. Feel free to reference the source. Can be about life, business, love, whatever. I'll start: Business: "Make it a point to keep on the look out for novel and interesting ideas that others have used successfully. Your idea has to be original only in adaptation to the probelm you are currently working on." Thomas Edison (ie don't reinvent the wheel) Life: "Life is a series of decisions that you have to make with insufficient information." My father
  15. First, you should strongly consider changing the form a tiny bit so that when the first category is selected, the chosen option is prefilled in the box or in some way indicate that the selection was received. Currently, the url for your form changes, but for a while, I thought it wasn't working because I'd select a category and it looked like it would revert back to Home Related. Now... I don't have a firm grasp or the data you're trying to present for your subcategory. If you have it in a database, then you just need to write your code to pull the subcategories based on the cid variable. There is no reason why you can't pass both variables to another page, or the same page. One way would be to use a hidden variable in the form and use a php print statement to get the cid into the form when the user posts the subcategory variable. That's usually the way I do it. Hope that helps and best of luck with your script.
  16. I haven't done it myself... but I've looked into it for some old film my parents have. It can be done. I'd go to a professional who can clean up the 8mm if necessary. Maybe they should consider burning a DVD while they're at it. I think most major cities will have a video professional that can get it done.
  17. I'm glad it works... I tried to understand your question, but couldn't be sure I was understanding it correctly.
  18. For my own site, I have used phpBB and I don't remember why I chose it, but I remember doing extensive research. But I might be leaning towards invision and I'll tell you why. I am involved with a project helping TCH out with their board and hopefully making some useful modifications. In doing so, I have run across several sites that offer a tremendous number of additional modules that you can add to the Invision Board to jazz it up. I haven't looked recently, but I don't recall seeing the same thing for phpBB. PS - I don't think you can go wrong with either.
  19. Currently, I'm in a rush and don't have time to trouble shoot your code. But here is the process I would use to figure out what the problem is. I'd take out all the variable stuff in the UPDATE line of your code and replace them with static values just to test to see what's going on. The way I do it is to comment out the line you have by putting '//' in front of the line so that when you're done testing you can remove the comment slashes and you're back in business. Then if that works, I'd start putting the variables back in one at a time to see what's causing the error. One thing I'd try first would be to change 'where' to 'WHERE' Don't know if that affects anything but as a practice, I always capitalize mysql syntax.
  20. I disagree with some of your assumptions here. The tools TCH gives to manage Mysql are very easy and fairly intuitive. You don't have to run a webserver on your home machine. I'm not sure where this confusion came from. You create the databases with the CPanel interface 'Manage MySql'. You create the tables you want with phpMyAdmin (great program and considered standard) You can upload tremendous chunks of data very easily by using excel on your home machine, saving it as a cvs file (comma delimited), and uploading it using phpmyadmin. What you do from there depends on how you are using the mysql. If it's a forum or some sort of community script then 99.9% of the content will be added for you by visitors to your site. If instead, it is data that you will be adding to your database manually, then uploading cvs files is probably your best bet. Or you could construct your own web interface/admin page. Having worked with other hosting providers, I find the tools at TCH to be beyond my expectations. The site I run is several thousand pages and pulls 95% of its content from a database. I have yet to think "Boy, if TCH only had ________"
  21. I think someone responded to your other post http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...=ST&f=18&t=2738 The other option you could consider is to find your own perl, cgi, or php script that processes the transactions at your site. Yet another option is to use one of the many third party sites that provide shopping carts and order forms together with mailing lists and affiliate programs. You have to have your own merchant account (which you do). This last suggestion is totally different from using a company that processes the credit cards on their merchant account and sends you the money several weeks later. The service I currently use is $30 per month. But I'm thinking of switching to another service due to my low volume at that particular site.
  22. At www.hotscripts.com you will find tons of scripts that import news and weather from various sources, including slashdot. Check the php scripts. I'm sure you will find a ready-made solution that is free to use.
  23. Maybe the eventual outcome will be similar to other industries... middle man dissapears or their role changes completely. In other words, what does a musician need a record company for? Promotion and distribution. Maybe a new business model would enable musicians to make a good, even great pay... but by going direct to us via the web. Or, maybe I'm totally naive about the music industry and how it works... equally as plausible.
  24. And by the way... my pr is still a big fat zero. Grrrrr. Head Bash
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