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  1. I will check the errors on your page, but I would be willing to bet that you haven't changed the permissions for the folder to 777. Use your ftp client or Cpanel and change the permissions for your folder where you have mailit.php to 777. (After checking your page) Yep. That's why. Once you do that, everything should look fine. PS - Thanks to both Boxturt and Karmacriminal... I was starting to wonder if anyone had used the script and liked it.
  2. Karmacriminal, The script is online. See This Thread
  3. Oops. I forgot one very important thing in the instructions. You have to set the permissions for the folder (directory) where the scripts sit on your website to 777 writeable. I'm adding this to the instructions now. This is for the file upload. If you aren't going to have attachments sent to you... then ignore it.
  4. Ideally, you create several directories inside you public_html folder so you give your site some structure. There are other reasons too. It's a good idea to have an images folder inside of public_html where your store all or most of your images. But none of this is necessary... just recommended.
  5. You shouldn't have to put /image after your jpeg file. I've honestly never seen or heard of doing that before. My answer doesn't resolve your question... but I'm a little befuddled by the question.
  6. Okay... it's here. This is version 1.1 of what I call "Ultimate Form Mail Script". I know... pretty creative with the name Anyhow, it's already got a lot of bells and whistles: html mail field validation error handling attachments multiple recipients for form processing security measures automated checkbox formatting adjustable cap on file upload size filter out unwanted file types filter out unwanted email types Optional autoresponder to send an instantaneous response Autoresponder puts visitor's name in email subject and content Easy modifications and tweaking via a separate config file Only three lines to modify for the script to work Example form Instructions You can get it here http://www.surefirewebdesign.com/scripts/ By the way... don't get thrown off by the page that says 'Free for TCH members only at the present moment'. That means it is only available to TCH members currently but I probably will put on SourceForge. It doesn't mean that I'll start charging for it in the future. Just ignore it, download the file and play with it. Please report any bugs and know that I welcome suggestions. Item number one is to clean up the code. I have tested the script quite a bit turning the different options on and off to make sure everything worked. But the best way to test is for others to play with it and tell me what's wrong. I hope you enjoy. I know I'm going to be using this!
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    My Form

    zethilone, First, all caps tends to imply that you are yelling. I doubt that you mean to say that you're yelling... but that's what it usually means. Second, When you're stuck on a script, it's usually a good time to walk away from the computer so you don't end up putting your foot through the monitor. Not trying to preach or talk down to you... I've wanted to do the same many times myself and you wouldn't believe how obstacles dissolve after some much needed sleep/rest/time away etc. Third, I'm about to release a form mail script that might be easier for you to implement. It needs to be tested further, but my initial testing seems to indicate it works great. Fourth, Your main page for hosting information has a background that repeats when you move down towards the bottom of the page. Just thought you'd want to know. Everything above said with the best of intentions and desire to help a fellow TCH member.
  8. I know you're 'kidding on the square' but yes... it's taking away from mod_rewrite. Fortunately, it's basically done... first draft anyway.
  9. Karmacriminal, your wishes have come true. The script is done. Please see my post "Ultimate Form Mail Script". The code isn't up and online yet... I'm still debugging... but it works awesome!
  10. Okay folks... we're so darn close. After tinkering, testing, and tinkering some more... I think we've got an excellent script to use. Folks can send you attachments, or not, whichever they choose. And you have the option of refusing certain doc types and sizes. I'll tell you, some of the scripts out there are hastily thrown together... not that I'm claiming this one is bug free. Anyhow, I want to test this out a bit more, get some instructions going, and set up a place to download in some sort of .zip format. By the way, if anyone reading this is wondering... "Why not use cgi form mail?" Use it. Use whatever works best for you. The whole purpose of this is to have a customizable script so we can very easily add on functionality in future releases. From the way it's designed, it would be hard (but nothing's impossible) to exploit for spam. Ideally, we'll be able to add on various bells and whistles. This doesn't mean that coding for your site will be done free of charge... but it does mean that you'll be able to make suggestions and hopefully you'll see those suggestions implemented in future versions so you can just plug and chug. I'll be cleaning up the script and adding an autoresponder to it before I post it here. Off to dinner now.... see ya.
  11. Okay... so far, an extensive search hasn't turned up anything that does all the things that I/we want this thing to do. But in my search, I found several scripts that have features I like. One of the features that will be included in this script will be modular design. This way, configuring the script to work on your site will be a snap and adding extra bells and whistles will be easy too. I've successfully tested an email script that sends html email with a file attachment. Unfortunately, it was missing many of the other features found in the other scripts. It shouldn't take too long to glue the scripts together and have a great working script in no time. Since the final version will most likely have several files (modular design), there will be a need to host the download somewhere. Maybe I'll host it on one of my sites temporarily and ask permission to have TCH host the download page once it's developed.
  12. That may be so... but I'll tell you there are a lot of hosting providers out there charging more than TCH that don't provide half the tools/stats that TCH does. When I got here, I flipped over the AwStats.
  13. If you need help with it, send me pm or im.
  14. I'm currently looking through various scripts available for free and there are one or two that look promising. My hope is to either find one that does everything, or gets us 90% of the way home. I'll update soon.
  15. My idea would be a form where the info could be pasted into a large text field and uploaded to a databse. The database could be backed up daily on auto pilot and .pdf could be generated on the fly right from the web. Info pulled out of database and dynamically pumped into pdf document upon clicking a link. This would totally free you from 'work'.
  16. One of many starting points is a script I saw under the GPL license (free) and modified to improve security and functionality. I went an extra step for myself and others at TCH and posted a two step, easy as falling off a log, process here (url removed... no longer needed) A couple things to notice before going into the details of how to set up your form to make it work with this script. First, this uses the mail() function which has been known to have problems reaching some free email accounts (Hotmail) and also is not designed to have attachments (correct me if I'm wrong). So, one of the directions we might eventually take this project would be to incorporate the ease of use of this script with a more powerful mail class script (Object Oriented Programming) to get Hotmail HTML emails Attachments (maybe) Next, I will show various ways to use this script. Note: as I write this, I have to leave for the rest of today and will include detailed instructions tomorrow. In the meantime, DO NOT reply about how you tried to use the script and it didn't work. WAIT until the directions are posted. You are welcome to go ahead and use the script if you think you know what you're doing... it really isn't hard. Works much like Matt's FormMail but you DO NOT use a hidden tag for recipient... that's already in the script. Later
  17. *** To save time for anyone looking for this script, I'm editing this first post so you don't have to read through everything here to find it. Ultimate Form Mail Script *** There are plenty of form mail scripts out there... many written in php. But it seems that many of us are looking for a form mail script that Has all the bells and whistels Is easy to modify Is easy to understand Easy to implement Oh yeah... and free. So, with that in mind... I'll give us a starting point and then others can either contribute their ideas, mods, script or all of the above. Personally, here is what I would like the script to be able to do: Send post data to my email or any emails I specify Be as secure as possible to prevent spam Send the email to me in any format I desire Send an automatic reply to the person posting the data Have the reply appear to be a real live email sent by me Handle errors gracefully Require certain fields I have heard from others at TCH that there are needs/wants for: Adding an attachment or uploaded file HTML email Ability to reach all recipients (including hotmail, yahoo, etc) Now, at this point, if you're thinking "But I want it to also do ___" then step up to the mic and let us know. And if someone knows of a great, free script that already does all of the above... by all means, save us the development time. I probably should have done another search for a php form mail script before posting this, but my recent searches for such a beast haven't turned up anything quite this powerful. Next, I'll give us a starting point and some ideas about where we might take this...
  18. surefire


    I agree with borfast. You could even have a separate page where the user could modify style sheet (skin) by picking colors, fonts sizes, font style, etc. The info would post into a database table that's linked to the user id (since you're using phpBB... otherwise use a cookie). The info could be serialized and saved as a single sting in the database so it wouldn't take up much room. Then, of course, you have a default skin for everyone else. It starts to get a bit more complex because then you have to edit phpBB code to pull style sheet out of database and read it... but it's not a monumental task. This would be pretty darn cool, an infinite number of possible skins... all chosen by the user. You'd want to place some limits on the styles avail so the page wouldn't break with extra huge fonts. This is the kind of idea that just seems like someone else would have thought of before. I really wouldn't be surprised if a mod was already written to do all or most of what I've described here. You might do a search for phpBB mod or maybe search the phpBB forum for the mods they currently have available.
  19. This will be fun. I love giving back to TCH (and others). Plus, I won't be the only one putting it together. With so many great minds, I think this will be quite an excellent work in progress. I'll start a new discussion in the scripting forum and let others contribute ideas.
  20. What happened to the plans for a TCH family gathering? Did we come up with a place / time? (I'd hate to be left out of a party)
  21. By the way (and I'm not asking you to confirm this) but my research into other sites would lead me to believe that my site ranking might improve in the next month. When I go to other sites and check backlinks, I see both external and internal pages. Now, Google may very likely weight external links more heavily. They might not even weight internal backlinks at all. But I do know that other sites that have been around longer show backlinks from their other pages. Currently, mine shows only a handful out of the 11,000 pages they've indexed. I'm going to tweak things a bit and see what happens in the next month. We still don't know for sure (or do we?) if the same process of freshbot->deepbot->dance->results is still the game or if they've gone to a new method. Anyhow, I've waited this long, and I'm getting hits a plenty, waiting 30 days won't kill me. Thanks again for your help.
  22. Hey. I totally agree. I can empathize when I have webdesign clients throwing money at me to do webdesign and programming and I get approached with 'Please look through my script and fix it.' I'd love to help. My dream would be to have enough money so that I could just be a full time script writer at TCH for nothing more than good Karma. But I'm not rich yet, and rewriting someone else's code takes hours of time, hours that I could be using to finish projects my clients have paid me for. As you are, I'm happy to help with suggestions, tips, even tutorials. And when the request is easy to do, I'm more than happy to share what I know. Although I would love to pick your brain for free... and have partially succeeded (although there are plently of 'secrets' I know you've held back and hours you haven't invested in giving me free advice... rightfully so) the line of my questioning feeds back into the project we're doing with the Invision Board. You and I have discussed at length the different strategies for removing ?&= from urls so Google will eat them up like a hungry shark on roids. Since my site implements some of these, I was wondering if you and I (and onlookers) could learn and adapt from real life examples. Naturally, your advice directly benefits me and my marketing efforts. In closing... I for one understand the need to keep pro bono hours in check while still contribute to the TCH community. And yes, you have done more than your share to contribute. I appreciate your thoughtful insights. I certainly don't expect you to go over the site with a fine tooth comb like you would for someone who paid you to do the same.
  23. I just gave it a shot, and at first glance, it doesn't appear to work. This is a perfect time to remind folks that I didn't make the script. Looking closer at the script, it appears that if it did work, that it would essentially upload the file to your site, and email you the location of the file one your site. I don't think this would be a very good way to do it... and judging by the error message, I wouldn't be surprised if permissions had to be changed to allow this. Everything I've read on PHP indicates that the regular mail() function is NOT the way to send attachments. The way I would do it would be to use an object oriented script that uses smtp to send email. This allows attachments. I'm considering looking into this. I think the folks at TCH need a super charged php formmail script that can be developed and added to.
  24. Nope. I'll give it a try now. Have an answer by midnight tonight.
  25. I don't know if this is the most efficient way of doing it... but I'd export the info (yes, the entire database) into a text file and then upload it again, changing the name of the database in the text file mysql language. Go to phpmyadmin, choose your database, choose export, choose 'select all' and 'save as file' and 'structure and data'. After the file download to your computer, look at the file in a text editor and it will be pretty obvious where to change the name of the database. Then just go to phpmyadmin and upload your database under the new name.
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