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  1. This isn't a script error. IMHO, the server isn't finding the file. Maybe the name isn't exactly right, or the location. But this isn't a php script error message. Something much more basic.
  2. Thanks, digirunt, you beat me to it. If you don't like that script... there are plenty of others at www.hotscripts.com
  3. I'm assuming you've tried both running the query on the dump file. Have you tried uploading a text file? The only other thing I can think of would be to write a script that pulls the info line by line from site a and puts in on TCH site B.
  4. Digirunt, somehow, your site will need to know when the user comes back. This will require either cookies or some sort of login procedure. If there is another way, I don't know it. Before going any further, I think you need to decide if you're okay with using cookies or login.
  5. Thanks for the kudos. Enjoy.
  6. surefire

    Form Processor

    I'm surprised this topic is still alive and kicking. (Just grumpy this morning from too many sit-ups yesterday.) 1- There are approximately a bazillion form processors prewritten and moderately userful. 2- I wrote a script that anyone is welcome to user, borrow, alter, etc. It's pinned in the scripting forum under Ultimate Form Mail. I did my best to make it easy to use and configure. It does a lot of stuff other scripts don't. 3- CPanel has a formmail clone
  7. There is a script I co-wrote in the scripting forum called Ultimate Form Mail Script. You can either 'borrow' the regex function that validates the email, or you may use the script as is. No sense reinventing the wheel.
  8. I wrote a nifty little script for one of my sites that comes up after someone creates an account. It asks them to refer friends. Step 1 - How many do you want to refer (none to 6) Step 2 - However many chosen, that's how many fields come up for first name and email Step 3- My site emails a short, friendly little message to their buddies that looks like it's from them saying "Hey, I found this cool site. It does such and such. Check it out here... " and so on. I'd also check out hotscripts to see what they have in this category. Previous and Next can easily be coded using php... but you have to have the order of the pages pre-set. You can load the pages through an array that's included at the start of the page. That makes it easy to change the order of the pages later. Hope these ideas help get the creative juices flowing.
  9. I use this script myself. One time, I decided to include it in every page and I got bombarded by hundreds of emails. One idea would be to put it on your site map, home, and maybe one or two other pages that you want to track. (New page, for example.) Adding extra bots wouldn't be hard. Maybe Dsdemmin and myself could work on such a script for TCH members. We'll see.
  10. I've looked over your code and it looks well written. I've also used mail() to send email to me at whatever@mysite.com The only thing I can think of... 1- Why are you using ini_set? I see what it does but maybe you could try commenting it out of you script to see if that helps. 2- Has your site fully propagated? Can you send email from your home account to you@yoursite.com? If neither of those are the issue, then I'd submit a help ticket. There is a very small possiblity that something at the server level needs looking at. I ran into a similar issue and it turned out that the email server and my webserver were set differently. TCH tech support is very good.
  11. Never heard of this. Sorry. I've used ZA for years and never got anything close to that. wish I could help more.
  12. The best I've come up with so far indicates that you might want to try $pattern = "a{1,3}"; $string = "aaaaa"; if (!(eregi($pattern, $string)) || (strlen($string) > 3)) { die ("Error: incorrect verse format"); } //Returns true I know I 'cheated' a bit... but I think it might accomplish what you're looking for. I couldn't find the answer on the eregi function that I was looking for. I'm not an expert of eregi and perl-like matching... but I believe the results you were getting came from the server thinking: look for any pattern that is the lowercase 'a' either once, twice, or three times in a row. I'm not sure, but playing around with it seems to indicate that the pattern we've used doesn't eliminate patterns of four or more consecutive characters. I'm sure someone could come up with the eregi expression... but I've got a killer headache working now.
  13. Regex expressions give me headaches... so I'll have to dust off my PHP Cookbook. I'll post what I find.
  14. The latest release of this script is available with fixes of the bugs and pseudo-bugs. Version 1.2 avail here: Ultimate Form Mail Fixes: header_file and footer_file variables are now global... so if you use this option it will now work psuedo-bug: As reported in this post, some problems experienced when script edited in certain text editors. Reason: commented fields wrapped to the next line and when saved in this format, the text editor accidentally creates lines of code the server was never meant to see. Fixed by changing //comment to /*comment*/ Please report any errors you find. Thanks.
  15. Curtis, you shouldn't be getting that error. I'm not sure what has happened to cause that error... so send me the url of the page with the form.
  16. I see my script is getting some use and some good reviews. I found a small bug (most of you will not encounter difficulties) and I'll fix it as soon as I'm back from the 4th of July.
  17. Aaron, since I'm on vacation right now, I'm away from my library of computer books. Off the top of my head, I would suggest that you download some scripts currently available that successfully upload files. Dissect them and see what they do to make the script work. Then incorporate those ideas into your own script. Make sure that you are "borrowing" and "researching" only free scripts under GPL license. Wish I could help you out more.
  18. content: wrote myself but added db_class.php to speed up mysql development user management: wrote myself but borrowed a lot of concepts I learned from reading code of phpBB Contact: wrote myself, code can be found in this forum My site with 11,000+ pages required custom solutions that just weren't available as-is.
  19. The other suggestion I have which is sure to work is to get a script that allows you to send email through smtp or mime... whichever you choose. Plenty out there. You'll find quite a few at hotscripts.com The mail() function works well, but you get more functionality and faster delivery through mime or smtp.
  20. Mod rewrite or force type. Both are written into your .htaccess file. If you do a Goolge on either of those, you'll turn up tons of info. I have used both methods successfully at TCH. I'd go into more detail but it's very involved and there is so much good info within one or two clicks on Goolge.
  21. I doubt this is the reason... but you should open up your php with <?php Looking at your code, I can't think of a reason it wouldn't work. You might want to send a help ticket if no one else can figure out. If mail didn't work at all, I'd say there's something wrong with the code. But if you aren't getting error messages but you're getting the quirk you explained, then I'd send a help ticket. I had a strange quirk with my email and it had to be resolved by the Help Desk.
  22. At the risk of fixing something that ain't broke... I would put mailit.php and config.php in a folder by themselves and change the permissions to 777. Then I'd change two lines in your form the line that includes config.php has to now point to the folder. the action line for your form needs to point to mailit.php in the folder
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