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  1. Two quick things. You can address some of these header issues by putting this at the very beginning of the php code (still can't have space or line break or any output before <?php)




    The other thing is that you should consider replacing $_REQUEST with $_POST (or $_GET). It's more specific, and therefore more secure.

  2. I've been using Google reader for a while. I like that I get a ton of archived material that I wouldn't otherwise if I were to use Thunderbird or Firefox Live Bookmarks.


    But it's a little clunky.


    I'd like to hear what some of you are using for RSS feeds.



  3. OJB, I'm interested to know your experience with Google apps, specifically email. Have you run into any problems giving out free emails with whatever@yoursite.com? Any concerns that one or two bad apples will get your domain blacklisted for abusing the free email account?


    I'm asking because I've been approved for this service through Google and just haven't pulled the trigger on it yet.



  4. Not a lawyer -- but you're allowed to write whatever you want online. For example, people can write about banned supplements, pills, etc and stir up controversy about the FDA preventing sick people from getting the homeopathic medicine that will "cure" them... and be totally safe. But it's another thing entirely to sell the homeopathic pills and advertise them as a cure for XYZ.


    Another example, if you live in Las Vegas and I instruct you to "drive to Los Angeles in one hour" and that means you would have to break the speed limit to do so, then I'm still not liable for your actions even though you followed my advice.


    That said, you should have disclaimers all over your site.

  5. "Best"... from SEO standpoint, usability, ease of upkeep?


    If it's a permanent redirect, use a 301 in the htaccess file.


    I think your point about the message staying up if the target website is having an issue is incorrect. I think the visitor would be redirected to the problem page.

  6. Resizing on the fly requires server resources, slows down page load (if even for a little bit), and is probably overkill for your app. If you wanted to get snazzy you could resize on the fly and use a caching script server side so that 99% of the time no resizing would be required.

  7. Yes, that's correct. You will probably want to either resize the images to a predetermined size when they're uploaded, or you can use the second link to just grab the width of the image. If it's over 400, set the width. Otherwise, don't.


    The ideal solution is resizing on upload. The process would be


    1- Upload

    2- Verify file type

    3- Determine file dimensions

    4- Resize if necessary

    5- Save to server

    6- Store info in database


    If you're going to 'roll your own' then you might look at




    for a starting point. Or you might consider buying one of the commercially available scripts at



  8. I don't know why, but lately FileZilla has been giving be headaches. Just having it open slows down everything on my machine... which admitedly is a few years old and overwhelmed by the amount of high end software I've packed onto it.


    But I want to mention that I tried FireFTP extension for Firefox and it transfers files with no visible detrimental memory hit. I miss some of the functionality that Filezilla had... but it seems to be a memory hog.


    I will most likely purchase a license for one of the other FTP clients mentioned in this thread... but I will miss FileZilla.

  9. Pay per email won't work


    I depends on what you mean by "work". Will it reduce spam, yes, I believe it will.


    To prove my point by analogy: imagine if tomorrow it was announced that it was now free to send snail mail via USPS, do you think the quantity of 'junk' mail in your physical mailbox would increase.... of course it would. So price of delivery is a factor.


    If by 'work' you mean 100% elimination of spam, then you are correct, it won't work. Some spammers have business models that would still be profitable if a surcharge were added for each email.

  10. 1- Teach your clients to whitelist your email address

    2- Down the road expect to pay per email sent - in return for guaranteed deliverability

    3- Collect your client's fax number, if they have one, and send them a fax of their receipt

    4- Offer the option at checkout to have the receipt snail mailed to them. Up to you whether you choose to do this for free of charge a convenience factor for postage. Either way, in the mailing have an upsell offer for something else you sell or a complimentary product someone else sells.

  11. I looked into this a long time ago and I believe the answers to your question are:


    1- TCH servers can handle Smarty because it's a PHP templating engine and TCH servers run PHP. But Smarty is not something that is normally pre-installed on a server. You can open a ticket to request, but I have no guess as to what your odds are.


    2- You can install Smarty on your server as any script and either use php_iniset() - I think that's the function - to set the default include directory or you can change other aspects of your code so the Smarty template engine code is called.

  12. I made a post a while back to bring attention to jQuery, a javascript library that makes it really easy to perform some pretty advanced javascript magic.


    I've started a tutorial called "15 Days of jQuery" where I'll give 15 real-world uses for jQuery, rewrite some popular code on the web, and hopefully demonstrate that jQuery is a useful tool for almost every skill level - something that other libraries really can't say.




    Some of the topics to be covered:


    Speeding up the window.onload (tutorial finished)

    Striping your tables (tutorial finished)

    Camouflaging affiliate links automatically (tutorial finished)


    To come:


    Edit in Place the jQuery Way

    Wrap It Up - Lazy Man's HTML Automation

    Safer Contact Forms Without CAPTCHA's

    Safer Mailto Links

    Quick and Dirty AJAX

    Multiple File Upload Magic

    Stylesheet Switcheroo

    DraggablesDroppables And Selectables... Oh My


    And a few others I have yet to decide on.


    I hope you enjoy the tutorials.



    PS - If anyone has a digg account, I'd love to get a submission to digg.

  13. I don't have the link in front of me... but look for a plugin called "Lightbox". It's a port of a very well known Web 2.0 image viewer.


    It is not a full blown gallery, but you should also be aware that Wordpress 2.0+ creates thumbnails automatically. In my opinion, Lightbox might be just what the Dr. ordered.

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