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  1. I'd agree with moogie that Blogger itself may be experiencing issues. That's why I left them some years ago as well. If you have a hosting account here anyway, why not just install your own blog software? You can install WordPress through Fantastico in about 30 seconds.
  2. Depends on your skill level. I've done it plenty and I'm sure others have too. If you have problems just post here and we'll help you however we can.
  3. WP is less of a server resource hog than MT - especially if you get a lot of trackbacks, pings, and comments. I also find WP easier to use and customize but that's personal preference. There are loads of plugins and the development community is very active - so pretty much anything you want to do is likely possible. It's easy enough to install through Fantastico and isn't much harder to do manually, so I'd recommend at least taking a look at it as an option. And Spam Karma 2 is invincible.
  4. Maybe. I haven't seen the pages, but how are your sites built? Static pages you upload, a CMS, a forum script, a blog? I've seen instances where a site built using some forum or CMS script gets compromised through various means and a very, very, very 1px by 1px frame is inserted in the code and the frame loads some outside page that tries to drop a virus of some kind. Your actual code is not "infected" per se so virus scanning your own site does nothing. Your page is loading another page that is trying to drop the virus. It should also be noted that in the instances I have seen, some people get warnings and some don't. So it's worth taking a look. If you pm me a link I'll be happy to give it a go around.
  5. Are you using Firefox? Sometimes for some people FF will hang in cPanel. Don't know why, but it does.
  6. heyguy

    Wordpress Mu

    Have tried and failed twice to get WP Mu working on my dedicated box. Wouldn't think you'd be able to do it on a shared server at all, but I may be wrong. I did get LifeType to install, which gives the same multi-blog functionality, I just like WP better so I'd rather have Mu.
  7. The help desk folks can restore from that backup, or see if that backup is any good to you. Like Steve says, backup your stuff on your own as well. Anyone that works with computers will tell you there's no such thing as too many backups.
  8. Like Bruce says, the Semi-Dedi is just a big reseller account on a shared server - the only thing that differentiates it from other reseller boxes is that there are fewer users and more resources to go around. It is not a VPS though - all resources are shared. There is more than 512MB of RAM, usually a few GB, and that's all shared among all the accounts on the box. As far as I know you can't add RAM to a shared server (although your neighbors and Bill might appreciate the donation). If you are serving lots of audio and video and such you might quickly outgrow that semi-dedi and be forced (or very strongly advised) to move to a fully dedicated. If your school can afford it I'd advise you go that route right off the bat. Having full control over the server will allow you to do anything you want with it and leaves an easier path for upgrading in the future - i.e. adding RAM, redundant drives, and so on. It would be a shame to move everything over to a semi and then have to move to a full dedi in a few months down the road.
  9. If they lack the technical skill to use even the html editor in cPanel, then maybe they should just pay someone else to make changes for now. It's nice to save money, but not everyone was meant to work with computers.
  10. Not being a huge MySpace fan (remember when it took effort to have a website?), I'd say ditch MySpace and stick with your WP blog. Make it good and you will have visitors. If you want it to be social make it a community blog. I don't know of any way to post on one and have it show up on the other anyway.
  11. That's a weird one for sure. Do let us know what the HD says if they figure it out.
  12. Well, maybe. Sounds like two different problems to me, but that doesn't mean they aren't related somehow. Which server are you on? 316? The first thing to do is take Bruce's advise and reinstall WP - do it through Fantastico if you want and if that doesn't work do it manually. If a fresh install doesn't work and you're sure you didn't change anything, then it's fair to ask the help desk guys. I think the most obvious question is a simple "what has changed in the last two weeks?" If you can provide the exact date that everything broke, even better. Maybe there was a PHP upgrade that mostly doesn't hurt anything, but it turns out to hurt some small function buried in WP. Maybe a cPanel upgrade to fix one thing ended up breaking another (Squirrel Mail on 34, I'm looking at you...). Maybe some files were moved or restored for some reason and the ownership of the files is all messed up. WP is a solid script that I've been using for years, so don't be too hard on those guys over at wordpress.org. And don't be too hard on the TCHers either, because I'm sure if a change was made, it was made for the greater good and not to break your script.
  13. I have a Netgear FVS318 wired VPN firewall router with URL and URL keyword filtering. Doesn't do straight content filtering as far as I know - I'd imagine a router that capable would cost some $$$$. As far as brands go in general, it took me awhile to find the right combination but I'm finally happy with my wired Netgear router/firewall and a separate Linksys wireless access point.
  14. 2 with Win XP Pro for everyday use 1 with Win 2k that holds my backups 1 with CentOS as web/ftp server 1 with Debian for home automation apps I'm not partial to Windows or Linux either way, they both have their uses. It's easy enough these days to mix and match anyway.
  15. You could try something like NetStumbler to map out your wifi network - check signal strength in various locations and so on - and if your adapter isn't working it will tell you that, too.
  16. The graphic on the front page says "Hosting over 45,000 websites." Don't know how accurate that number is, but there you go.
  17. To be debt-free and stay that way.
  18. I've been using Kaspersky on XP for over a year now with no problems - and it's certainly been put to the test. Updates itself automatically every three hours and it's less of a resource hog than Norton or McAfee. Two thumbs up.
  19. It's been awhile, but I thought it did it when you reboot.
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