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  1. Unless plans on hosting kiddie I AM A SPAMMER he shouldn't have any problems with TCH's TOS. If it's a resource issue and he wants to shell out the cash for his own box, tell him to get a dedicated box. TCH's prices are very competitive in that arena. Hosting your own webserver can be tough and it's not advisable for a newbie to host a server used for business. You have to purchase, configure, and maintain everything. You need at least one always on high-speed connection, preferably more, and that's very expensive. If anything goes wrong - and things typically go wrong at inconvenient times like when you are sleeping or out at dinner - there is nobody else around to help fix it. Hosting a web server in your garage for kicks is fun. I have one and it's a blast to screw around with. But for real stuff I prefer a real server maintained by real professionals in a real data center.
  2. What does he plan to do with this server? If you are talking about a web server, you should buy one from TCH. If you are talking about a file server or some such for use in his shop, fill us in on why he "needs" one.
  3. left and right arrows to move, z to jump. very addictive. http://www.freeworldgroup.com/games2/gameindex/ngame.htm
  4. That's awesome Bill. Figured that's what you were doing with that job post looking for a local guy. Does this mean you're leaving the other dc's and putting everything in yours, or are you going to leave some servers spread out just in case?
  5. heyguy


    Since you can see the contents of index.php, and it does not appear to be including the include files, it is probably a problem with your code in index.php. Post the contents of index.php here and I'm sure we can figure it out. Use the "Wrap in code tags" button when you post it.
  6. heyguy


    What is the code you are using to include the header/footer/menu?
  7. That's pretty slick. Thanks for the link.
  8. and not a word about what the plugin actually does....
  9. 29943. methinks i need a better mouse if i'm to get much higher.
  10. It takes less time to walk a client through setting up a POP account than it does to get your server off the blacklist. Not to mention that when you get a server blacklisted it affects more than just you. Just because something is possible and convenient doesn't mean it's a good idea. So be a good neighbor, and don't forward spam.
  11. Can you be more specific with what you're trying to do?
  12. I second that one. Variable widths are nice if you can get your content to gracefully stretch and shrink, but I'm not that talented, and most of my visitors are in the 1024x768 and 800x600 camps anyway.
  13. Keep in mind the $35 will need to be paid every time you need to renew/reinstall the cert. So if your cert expires a year from now, you will need to pay $35 again to install the renewal cert.
  14. That is correct, Spam Assassin does not filter forwarded mail. To address some of Paul's points. I generally agree with the options laid out - forwarding your domain is fine if it's just you, and hosted is good if you have multiple people - but I would have to contest your section regarding drawbacks to Google hosted. A 2GB mailbox may not be the 3GB mailbox Gmail provides, but it is likely bigger than your entire TCH account quota, so that should be a plus. You may not be able to have pictures of your contacts, but in my many years of using email I've never once needed to see a picture of the person I'm sending mail to - usually a name works fine. That seems more like fluffy blingy stuff, and not having it in an email application shouldn't really be a drawback. And whether you get all of the Gmail features or not, as one who uses it I think you'd agree that Google hosted is better than regular hosted. It's not just about the mail and high availability/reliability (you ever lose an email?) - the calendar is the best web based calendar you'll find, and the customizable start page is great too. As for the dns issue, if you want highly available dns you should look into dnsmadeeasy.com. Maybe not necessary for personal sites, but if you run business sites and start sweating every time your email goes down (which brings me to another q - why is your dns getting reset?), it's worth looking at. I know a certain web hosting company that relies on them as well.
  15. Check the permissions on your images. I get a 403 error when I try to view them.
  16. Unless you have a compelling reason not to upgrade, it's usually a good idea to just do it. Be sure to check your plugin compatibility first though so there are no surprises.
  17. Doesn't look like you're using the stylesheet. Try adding ><link href="../style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> in between your head tags.
  18. Ha ha. People are idiots. "No, it'll be fine, my station wagon has AWD!"
  19. By the time your friend tabs through every link on the page and gets to the "Next" button, he could have just clicked it. Is this an accessibility issue or is it a laziness issue?
  20. There should be a new board called "Topics That Regularly Get Beaten To Death." We could put this one in there with PHP5.
  21. I've found in the past that the amount of traffic to my blog is directly related to the number of quality posts. Posts go down, traffic goes down. Look close and after awhile you can see some of your regular daily visitors only come over every other day, then once a week, and so on. Think about your own browsing habits and apply that to your site. Link exchanges might be fine to get somebody to your site once, but you need something worthwhile to get the much desired bookmark so they might return. Same with Digg/Reddit. I cruise through there all the time and very rarely do I actually bookmark a site. They might have that one great post that got them the initial hits, but when you click around there isn't much else. Be original, find your niche, and you'll be fine.
  22. Sure, how do you think they paid for that new backup server? Seriously though, that's a mighty big assumption, not to mention it's way off base. Welcome to the Internet.
  23. We were all dorks at one time. (Some of us still are.) No worries.
  24. When you go to add an email account in cPanel, there should be a dropdown box that allows you to choose the domain - either the main one or the parked one. No need for a second account.
  25. Or maybe WP is the clear winner and the other bloggers out there didn't feel it worthwhile to continue pounding on MT.
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