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  1. I was referring to the one Thomas suggested in post #5, which costs $159.
  2. I don't think you're going to find a good Pricewatch clone script for free. (Also, incidentally, this thread is #1 on Google for "pricewatch clone script.") The only other one that I've found that looks decent is this one: http://www.kaonsoftwares.com/price-comparison-script.html It's $450 and has an online demo of the user and admin interfaces. Alternatively, you could post your needs at someplace like Elance or some other freelance site and see what kind of bids you get. Will probably be tough to beat $159 though. Good luck.
  3. The www shouldn't make a difference. Is the redirect in place right now? Can you paste the full contents of your .htaccess with the redirect in place?
  4. To remove the www put this in your .htaccess: >RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.domain\.com$ [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://domain.com/$1 [R=301,L]
  5. Might want to check out that Enthusiast 3 thing you're using: http://secunia.com/advisories/23865
  6. WP reverts to default theme on file access collision: http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/3907 Not sure what would be causing that on such a regular basis for you though. One user's solution was to name her custom theme's folder to "default", so WP would "revert" to the correct theme. That's one way I guess. Interestingly enough, this thread is #7 in Google for "wordpress 2.2 theme reverts to default." Helpful.
  7. I think that next time it happens you should let it sit for a bit and let some of us confirm. Maybe somebody will see something.
  8. Right now I see a new theme on your site and am able to browse posts and pages without issue. Get it figured out?
  9. http://docs.phplist.com/PhpListConfigSendRate
  10. You're supposed to install it using the same version as your live blog. Leave all settings as default including permalinks, plugins, etc. Upload a theme and try it. Watch it work. Change your permalink structure. See if that breaks it. Upload and activate a plugin. See if that breaks it. Upload and activate your next plugin. See if that breaks it. Upload and activate your next plugin. See if that breaks it. And so on and so forth. Go through every change you have made from the default setup to what you have now on your live blog. Eventually you will come to whatever it is that broke it. Or, copy your wp-config.php and /wp-content and reinstall. Outside of that, like Bruce said, without access to your files (or even a link to a test blog that isn't working) there isn't really much we can do. WP works fine, and Bruce has that theme working on his test site, so it's something to do with your configuration.
  11. So......have you installed a test blog yet?
  12. I don't buy it either. There is nothing to change when you upload a theme. If you are messing with any permissions you're thinking too hard. Unzip, upload, select it. That's it. You have a link or something to a WordPress site where the theme is not working? As far as I can tell, the site in your sig is still using the default.
  13. Clear your cache? Have a URL? The site in your sig is using the default theme.
  14. Yeah, there was a lot of commotion when it got pushed out to CURRENT too, and there will be commotion again when it goes to STABLE. That's what happens when admins aren't paying attention. I've been running EDGE since 11 was pushed out for CURRENT, so maybe a month or more. There have been a few hiccups but nothing major considering. At the moment I'm on 11.5.20-E13361 and all is quiet on the western front. Knock on wood.
  15. Neat. Not sure I meet the minimum system requirements to run it though:
  16. You can keep track of the ever-changing schedule at http://www.cpanel.net/cpanel11/ As you can see, the Stable release has already been pushed back to June 26.
  17. Yah, it tends to do that sometimes. And sometimes not. It's a little buggy.
  18. It sounds almost like mmogm.com is parked on top of mmogamingnetwork.com and UseCanonicalName is not turned off (so anything without a trailing slash will go to whatever the primary domain is). Given that you aren't using mmogamingnetwork.com anymore, you should probably have your account changed so mmogm.com is your primary domain name and mmogamingnetwork.com isn't referenced anymore.
  19. Sure, if it's just you. But multiply anything times a few hundred servers and a several tens of thousands of domains and it all adds up. Not to mention the time it will take to put it together and maintain it. And there is the cost of all the help desk tickets that will come in if it ever stops working. If you want a cute little button for your site check out host-tracker.com. It's free for everyone and only counts against your bandwidth. Otherwise, why not just have a text link that says something like "Server Uptime: Almost Always" and have it link to the tchstatus.com page for your server?
  20. Much better. And it only took 27 posts!
  21. Almost. When I visit http://www.toptenlisted.com/ it is trying to load http://www.toptenlisted.com/Index.html and I get a 404. The link in the title is still redirecting to http://www.toptenlisted.com/wordpress-2.2/wordpress/. Your pages seem to be working, you just need to get the root figured out. Of course. It's an FTP client, so it handles FTP really well. You want the third one down: FileZilla_2_2_32_setup.exe
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