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  1. ...belay the last. I see WHM proudly listed as a feature of your dedicated Server. hmmm...(with a Pai Mei chin stroke) Thank you for the prompt attention to my questions. You guys are quite obviously a class act.
  2. Is there perchance, a WHM console included with the dedicated server? ...to make management easier.
  3. I am very carefully and selectively seeking a new webhosting account on behalf of a small politically active non-profit seeking to put together a Drupal/CivicSpace website. Not having SSH makes me nervous...but I CAN see how this could possibly be a Security Asset. We are eyeing your hosting packages, but after some discussion, I can see how your Reseller packages might benefit our current model. I have two questions: 1. Your other hosting accounts list SSL functionality as "included". Can I add SSL to my reseller account and subsequent sites? 2. If something happens and
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