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  1. ...belay the last. I see WHM proudly listed as a feature of your dedicated Server. hmmm...(with a Pai Mei chin stroke) Thank you for the prompt attention to my questions. You guys are quite obviously a class act.
  2. Is there perchance, a WHM console included with the dedicated server? ...to make management easier.
  3. I am very carefully and selectively seeking a new webhosting account on behalf of a small politically active non-profit seeking to put together a Drupal/CivicSpace website. Not having SSH makes me nervous...but I CAN see how this could possibly be a Security Asset. We are eyeing your hosting packages, but after some discussion, I can see how your Reseller packages might benefit our current model. I have two questions: 1. Your other hosting accounts list SSL functionality as "included". Can I add SSL to my reseller account and subsequent sites? 2. If something happens and we end up having to get out of the Reseller business...will we be able to pass any acquired "customer" accounts on to TCH?
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