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  1. Hi, and thanks for answering. Glad to hear everything is well and I'm very much aware of, and impressed by, the speedy and professional support received over the years. Keep up the great work!!
  2. Hi all, This might perhaps be a strange or misplaced question and maybe the sentence "No News is Good News" applies here, but I have a feeling that there seems to be not much going on at the moment? What I mean is that communication towards the clients seems to be slow. There is little or no news on Facebook, Twitter or the blog while I had the impression you had hired someone a few years back for the communication to the clients? There also seem to be little development towards newer services? Perhaps I have missed important communications, that's also possible. I just hope that everything is going well and that "no news" indeed means that everything is running smoothly, which I certainly hope. I'm a client of TCH for 10 years now and you guys have never let me down so thumbs up! Thanks! Ron
  3. Back Online! Thanks for the swift response and for keeping us well informed, much appreciated :-)
  4. Thanks for providing quick answers and solutions. You guys are the best!!!
  5. Hi, What I also don't understand is how they gained access to my email addresses? I have received three emails to three different accounts. Thanks for any info
  6. I did click on one of the links and ended up with domains priced right.... Tried to login and it worked! Before I did so, I checked with wwww.totalchoicehosting.com website and clicked on menu services -> domains. That link ( www.securepaynet.net/default.aspx?prog_id=simple ) didn't work anymore which was a reason for me to trust the email, stupid of course....
  7. Hi all, I will be getting a Chromebook soon and I was wondering if any of you know about a cloud (ftp) service where I can rent diskspace and store individual files (ready to edit online) and backups from my websites without storing them locally? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks! Ron
  8. Hi Dick, I was wondering what the status is of the virtual dedicated server plan because I still see the semi-dedicated plan on the site. And if there is a virtual dedicated server plan is it possible to post some specs/prices? Thanks very much Ron
  9. I just noticed this topic and I'm sure things have changed somewhat since 2005!! Personally I'm a big fan of geeklog as you can see on my blog and I'm currently running a new blog using glfusion cms which is a sort of split off from geeklog. It's easy to install, is fast and has many built in plug-ins such as mediagallery, captcha, forum etc. I know it sounds a bit like advertising but after testing wordpress and Joomla I think Geeklog and glfusion are great CMS's. However, if blogging is all you do and nothing else I'd go for Wordpress
  10. Hi Andy, Thanks for the suggestions, am already working with phplist and I will contact the helpdesk about the "limits" Many thanks and it looks promising All the best Ron
  11. In Cpanel is a possibility to create a mailinglist which can be used for sending newsletters: My question is how many addresses are allowed to be used in one mailing list. Some time ago I tried to send a mass email to the members of my blog (more than 100 members) and something (spam alert or so) was triggered at TCH which prevented me from doing this. Can I avoid this by using the cpanel mailing lists? And if so how many email addresses are allowed in one list? I am sending newsletters regularly to more than 500 people. Thanks Ron
  12. Thanks Bruce, sounds logical. Why didn't I think of that? Will clear mailboxes and spam box and then try again!
  13. Hi, Something strange happened to me a few weeks ago. When I download a full backup it didn't get passed my virus scanner (sophos) when downloading. Sophos told me the file (backup-tar file) is infected with virus Troj/BluePie-A Sophos has the following information on their site: Type Trojan Affected operating systems Unix Side effects Allows others to access the computer Should I get worried when I read this? Does anyone have an answer? Thanks Ron
  14. Thanks for the welcoming words Bruce and I will contact the help desk for my questions. And thank you Thomas for the welcome. I know it's off topic but I would just like to let you all know that TCH is absolutely the best!! Keep up the good work
  15. Hi all, I think it's safe to post a question here about hosting of youtube lookalikes. I've done some extensive searching in the TCH forum and found almost nothing on this subject. Ok here's my question. I am thinking of setting up a youtube like site on a small scale with small videoclips without having a dedicated server. I have read that the server will need some extra options (ffmpeg hosting). Does TCH offer a server(s) with these options or will you in the near future? I found some other hosting companies who offer it but I'm very happy with TCH and rather have you guys host this for me! Any info will be welcome! Thanks Ron
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