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  1. Just dew? Or are there some kegs sitting outside, too?
  2. It means the only threat to the DC is frostbite.
  3. Speak for yourself. Your own site speaks against you.
  4. If possible, I suggest you download the N-Game from the MetaNet site: http://www.harveycartel.org/metanet/downloads.html I find that most web versions of the game aren't the latest version. Plus you don't have to wait for it to load.
  5. I think I see what he's talking about, but I don't know what the reason for it might be. Perhaps in the first column of thumbnails, define the cell width, not just the image width? (If I'm reading the source correctly). And to get technical, Bruce, the space between the left and middle columns is 15 px and between the center and right, its 16 px, according to my MeasureIt extension. *huggles Firefox* But then again, I couldn't see the difference with my own eyes.
  6. Sounds good! I'll keep the address in mind for when it finally is up. Hm... this thread does make me sound like a bit of an IRC junky, doesn't it?
  7. So...just curious. When will the server be back up?
  8. I never really had the time to do all I wanted to in SWG. And as they changed the game, it seemed more and more group oriented... and I'm not always a group player. So with my limited time (thanks to college), all I had left for me was a Master Musician/Dancer that I would idle during the day and chat to others with at night. Can't remember the server, but I had named him EricP Clapton. I remember getting quite a few high-end tips from people. For my "fans", I'd occasionally craft instruments and put my name in them. In effect, I gave them signed memorabilia. Ah...those were the days...somewhat.
  9. Yea, from what I just read, looks like we're now on Naboo, too (Poor Server381...). You know, its a shame SWG can't be set up to play on private servers. I'm sure you TCH guys would love having a private SWG community of your own. And it'd give you a reason to openly play at work. (Though I would personally prefer a Pre-CU SWG over what is there now...but I won't start any arguments in this thread )
  10. I see... So that intensely loud fan sound you hear is really a Wookiee's mating call? And do I dare ask how many TCH employees play SWG while at work?
  11. I know this thread is a bit old (by a few weeks) but I have to ask... What inspired you to name them after Star Wars planets?
  12. Ok... good. Well, not good. But good. Yet not. You get the picture Thanks.
  13. [08:06:35pm] * Connecting to irc.totalchoicehosting.com (6667) [08:06:44pm] * Unable to connect to server (Connection refused) -- I'm on three other networks at the moment, so I'm pretty sure its not my end. I tried pinging the URL and got nothing back. If you guys have a direct IP to the server, that would be appreciated. Or an answer on why I can't get through. Thanks.
  14. Oops. Sorry. Both swunleashed.com and swunleashed.net point to the same location, and I sometimes forget which ones I put in my sigs. The one that people are having issues with is our DotNet, which is what TCH hosts. Subdomains such as ge.swunleashed.net and empirenet.swunleashed.net are examples of whats hosted here.
  15. I don't know why the domain would be blocked. They had no trouble up until the S81 downtime. When I am home and can get on IRC, I will ask them to email me their tracert logs and I'll send those on.
  16. For those that can connect, they see something such as the following as their last line: 15 180 ms 180 ms 180 ms server381.tchmachines.com [] Those that can't have given me this as what their computer gives them: "Unable to resolve target system name: www.swunleashed.net"
  17. It would be the link in my signature, though the site it links to is not hosted by TCH. Seeing how you can get through via that domain, though, I suppose you passed the test. I'll ask them to run a tracert right now. I'll reply in a moment.
  18. Greetings. I've been getting complaints from several SWU members that they are unable to access our domain. I know I was able to access our site (located on Server 81) shortly after the system was announced as back up. I assumed that any DNS entries would be updated by now. However, even after a week, there are still people that cannot access the site. Is there some other problem that hasn't been caught or mentioned yet? These users are using mainstream ISPs, one of them even trying to access from his job at a large banking corporation that, presumably, would be using a reliable ISP as well. Thanks.
  19. Agreed. Thankfully, I backed up things last week (for the most part) to update the boards to 2.0.21. I believe it does. I'll use that as my guide, I suppose. Thanks for the help. Now off to update a few boards again.
  20. Thankfully, a handful of the phpBB's hosted on our space did back up last week. My only concern is if I need to update again. Thats not a problem. Just a trivial question.
  21. Just to clarify, I saw the thread regarding someone's databases. I'll assume that not just the databases but the entire server was backed up on July 8th? I'm just wondering if I need to reupdate my phpBB boards or not. Thank you.
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