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  1. Might I ask which mod it was that was installed and now giving you problems?
  2. If you took a database backup prior to installing the mod, you could also take a look at the database structure from then and compare it to now. That could give you an idea of what is different, too.
  3. Pity I don't have a camera phone.
  4. So who uses RealPlayer, anyways? Good catch on the bug, at least. Thanks.
  5. Geez, only staff congratulate him? That must mean that the real abuse is yet to come. Congrats, Carl.
  6. So THATS where my lunch money went! BILLLLLLL!
  7. Actually, this is my first Gibson. My only other electric is my Fender Squier that I bought when I first started playing 5-6 years ago. I thought it was time for an upgrade... a big, BIG upgrade.
  8. My workstation! Well.. I work on it, at least. This is my latest purchase... a brand new Gibson. *drools slightly*
  9. Remember them all? What if we already knew them all? <.<
  10. Jeren


    68040 points... oh well.
  11. Jeren


    Ah, reliving the good ol' days of "Bust 'a Move" on my SNES... the only game my mom played better than me.
  12. Jeren


    Yes, this isn't for anything TCH related.
  13. Jeren


    So many topics in this forum are PHP/MySQL based. I just applied for a job that might involve some ASP and I would like to know what people think of ASP. If you have some ASP experience, feel free to give your experiences. I'm just wondering if there is anything ASP can do that PHP can't.
  14. My only question is... Who DID start the fire?!
  15. Ah, now I understand. And yes, unfortunately with that, you'd have differences with regards to their local time. If you could get their time zone setting, though, then you could have the PHP code calculate the offset. As stated before, asking them for it once and storing it as a cookie could be a temporary solution to that. And it would allow them to have it displayed for their local time. I don't know enough about JS to try and get their local time automatically, so that is probably how I would do it. I don't think I can help you much beyond that. Sorry.
  16. I know it isn't saying all IRC items are prohibited. I still believe it just means you installing and running your own server on their machines, especially attempting to do so on a shared hosting account. Hopefully some TCH person can hop in and confirm that. I didn't see any reference to IRC with that, so no, I don't believe it is IRC related. I think it just handles all communication locally, storing the chat information in a database. I don't know how system resources would be affected by this system, so again, perhaps a TCH-er could check this out and give you a better answer. For me, personally, I consider if what I'm about to use is a system resource hog or not. I believe that is what they might check for as well. But we'll see what they say.
  17. From my understanding, it is a prohibition of hosting and running your own IRC server. Including a browser chat client that doesn't operate through their server would probably be acceptable. This means that you'd be looking to use a Java/Flash based set up over a CGI one.
  18. And just to clarify (and mention what Thomas stated), since I believe this has been brought up before, it wouldn't be wrong to allow for a chat client on the server. As stated above, it won't use your system resources nor is it running an IRC service on TCH space. Having the client wouldn't be an AUP violation. Hosting your own IRC service/daemon would be, though.
  19. Well, from my personal experience, shout boxes will typically just be an iframe to display data and a small form that updates that iframe and the database. If you put an IRC applet on your site, depending on the one you use (with PJIRC seeming to be a favorite), then it's really up to what you want. Shout boxes will act like a message board thread. Using an IRC client would allow for instant chatting with your site members (though Java can sometimes be a pain). Resources wise, I believe the shout box would use less initially. Of course, if it's widely used, then you're looking at numerous database calls, updates, and page reloads. Using a Java IRC client would just require the user to download and activate it. Once it's up, any communication between the user and the IRC server of your choice is not through your site, so your bandwidth won't suffer from it.
  20. Why not just do it with PHP? I don't know how the code would work exactly, but the logic would go as follows: Check server time for the time of day. Based on the time of day (using if/else or a switch statement), output a certain CSS file into the header. Instead of loading them all into the header and just activating one, I would say to choose which one to print to the header. Now my try at the code (which would work off of server time. Perhaps you could use a JS function to get their local time and append this?). ><?php $hourtime = time('h'); if ($hourtime >0 && $hourtime < 4) echo '<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="whatever.css"/>'; elseif($hourtime >=4 && $hourtime < 8) echo '<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="another.css"/>'; // Etc ?> I've not tried this before, but something along those lines corresponds with the ideas that I had above (which you seemed to misunderstand based on your reply). This isn't random, sorry.
  21. I've not found much that might help, though just having it work via server time for now would still be pretty neat.
  22. Wait... did you say Microsoft replaced Frontpage...and the program is quite nice?! I must check this out!
  23. Uh... I plead the 2nd? Or is it the 6th? 9th?
  24. Goodies, eh? I'm assuming services, maybe a game or two. And a bot that'll automatically let us spam TCH support guys with random, unintelligible phrases and complaints, such as: - "My domain name can't load linux" - "Why won't phpBB let me log in with my SSN?" - "If I choose to pay now, can I still go to the store with my money?" - "If I use my URL, will the database think that I'm using a Windows 2K3 server to house my wife's business site while I'm surfing the net?" And lastly... - "If the guru is so crazy, then why, when one train leaves New York heading west at 3pm, and a train leaving Los Angeles going east at 1pm, do they not cross into the twilight zone after passing through the event horizon of a stargate that Chuck Norris left after eating lunch at a Subway, when the obvious path of intersection lies where the mayo and mustard fell off the table?"
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