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  1. Nice new design you have for the forums. I'm liking it.
  2. I have no PHP-Nuke experience, but when looking at the last photo, I do believe the page itself answers the question. It seems to backup just the phpBB/forum related tables. I don't think that was backing up the entire database (though, being a Nuke module, it may have been modified; please search up information on that module to get the more accurate answer on that).
  3. Hopefully this will fix an annoying problem I've see with Skype (that I can't find information about on Google): On Vista, even after being shut down (ie: no more process named Skype), my CPU usage will still be up around where it was during a Skype call. It's so annoying... and it heats up my laptop fast, too.
  4. I had problems for months with Flash on all browsers. It was very annoying, to say the least. Firefox 3.5 seems to run better for me. I've got roughly 25-30 add-ons installed, and overall, it runs MUCH smoother and faster than before.
  5. One popular gallery script is, well, Gallery! Check out gallery.menalto.com and you can get Gallery2 and see a bit of Gallery3 (which is in beta).
  6. You're passing the info from a form. It may seem like a stupid question, but have you already pulled it from the proper super variable? ($_GET or $_POST)? Otherwise, you can't just reference it. Also, if you're using an HTML check box, I found that you really need two fields in your form for it. One is a hidden value with the 'off' value, and then you have your check box AFTER the hidden field that has your 'on' value. Those are just a couple things I thought I'd contribute to this thread.
  7. It may just be tied in with plugin updates, but I think I've read a few reports of some installations being corrupted with the auto-update (file-wise, not the database, as far as I remember). Either way, the auto-update hasn't worked for me for 2.8 yet. You'd think something would happen after 15 minutes. After all, how long does it take to download a file of only a few MB? I'll keep looking into the latest version and, possibly, will just manually update.
  8. Auto-update for me isn't really working for this update. And, after reading some things I have about 2.8, I may want to hold off for 2.8.1.
  9. Time to play Update monkey tonight. Thanks.
  10. So many of you are living in your parents' basements and are single? Oh, just kidding... can't believe that I could even joke about that when I'm a huge SW fan...
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