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  1. Are you sure that it is working correctly, or is it just loading the images from the cache instead?
  2. Thanks for the post. Good thing I'm always slow to upgrade stuff. I haven't touched 3.0.7 yet.
  3. Jeren

    Dvd Movie Making

    I honestly don't burn DVDs often. I do video editing with either Adobe Premiere Pro or Windows Movie Maker (depending how much work I need to put into the video). Nero is good for burning DVDs, as well as InfraRecorder (I believe its called). It is open source.
  4. I just was adding my thoughts to the last guy. <.<
  5. I'd definitely recommend phpBB3, especially with their recent additions of several CAPTCHA options to stop spam. I've not had issues with them so far.
  6. I am also an Open Office user. I personally like having the PDF option right there along with my other document type choices.
  7. Auto-update typically takes only a few seconds to do. It just seems to lock up with this update for some reason. At least I'm up to 2.8.6, so I should be good to hold out for a little bit.
  8. I just know that I can't auto-update to 2.9 for some reason. If you're having an issue, I'll wait to update.
  9. I installed it into a separate folder and did a data import.
  10. Man, I feel so left out of the party. I've reindexed my mail, tried compacting my folders... Still takes 11 seconds between the time I click on an email and for it to come up in the preview area. This is even true for pure text emails. Sad part is, Googling for posts or pages regarding slow Thunderbird 3 either gives no results or shows errors early in beta that were fixed. I have yet to find someone that has my issue. This is SO very annoying. It's now faster for me to check my email from my iPhone at my desk than it is for me to do so on my PC.
  11. I installed Thunderbird 3 fine yesterday. It definitely looks better than 2. Unfortunately, it is also much slower! It takes roughly 15 seconds (typically longer) to open a single email (which I have to do before I can even hit the 'delete' button). I have no idea what is causing this, and Googling for an answer doesn't give me any results. It definitely annoys me. :\ It's now faster to check mail on my iPhone...
  12. Thanks! I was getting errors and alerts when trying to delete files on a flash drive. It got pretty annoying, to say the least!
  13. Are you saying that you used to have cssmenu.html in a subfolder? If it used to be domain.tld/folder/cssmenu.html and you moved it to domain.tld/cssmenu.html, then you need to show the include relatively. It would be: <?php include("../cssmenu.html");?>
  14. I'll look into modding it a bit, then. Personally, I am not wanting board wide quick reply at this time, so I'm really just toying with it for now.
  15. I'm liking the new CAPTCHA options. I've not used the quick reply yet (I probably need to upgrade the theme before it would work anyways). However, those two features alone make 3.0.6 worth upgrading to.
  16. I don't own an iPod either. Never have. Been eying up the iPhone, though...
  17. That looks interesting. I'm definitely going to have to check that out. Thanks for the post!
  18. Perhaps it was a database that was too big? I've seen forums that, with massive spam bots, have insanely huge databases.
  19. One of my old desktops will be getting linux (Ubuntu). My other one I will uninstall programs off of and make a dedicated Trade Wars server.
  20. Well, you may want to update the Wordpress folks so they correct that page.
  21. You'll need to have the correct path to the audio file, for one. Two, make sure you give it enough time to load. I'm not sure on file requirements, so perhaps an MP3 isn't valid, either.
  22. According to part of the Wordpress site ( http://codex.wordpress.org/Core_Update_Host_Compatibility ), WP Auto Update won't work with TCH. Is this correct, or is this just old information that no one has updated yet?
  23. I'm still getting used to the new look. Personally, I had trouble finding the link to view new posts since my last visit.
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