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  1. ::grumble:: I have a PHP book, from SitePoint. Guess I'll have to crack it. Oh, well...it never hurts to learn something new.
  2. I downloaded some of the WP themes, just to get a feel for what the themes can do. All of them had a LOT of php in them, and I'm afraid to modify anything! Of course, I can easily modify the css file...that's something I do know. But I have zero idea of what the php stuff is even about, let alone modifying it. Anyone else had trouble with themes? I thought the easy way would be to take a theme, and modify it. (Yes, it would help if they commented it, but no one did.)
  3. Do you have a cell phone? I used mine for the verification, because I was at work, in meetings, etc.
  4. Da Rules: Whatever the last letter of the last word of the movie is, your entry has got to be the first letter. I'll start it off: My Fair Lady (The first letter of your movie will be a "Y") You can't repeat what someone else has posted (yeah, you gotta read the entire thread, or you'll be banned forever from the fun bar! And you get to spend the next six months as an advisor to the Bush administration) )
  5. Well, Tim...lemme ask you (and thanks, BTW) Can WP have a weblog WITHIN a weblog? Say I want to have a blog that's "news", and on the sidebar, have another one called "articles" with a summary of the articles on the sidebar. Can WP do that? I did that with pMachine, and it was fairly easy (although the pMachine people called it "advanced"). (Okay, I should post this in the WP forum)
  6. They're at it again I used to get snail mail from one (supposedly legit) domain name provider, but it stopped years ago (after they were sued). I wouldn't accept a faxed invoice from anyone unless I knew it was coming. Yes, the scambags have grown more sophisticated (see PayPal scams in email). At least they don't regularly misspell stuff, or put the subject line in all caps (YOUR ACCOUNT IS IN JEPORDY!!!!!!!!!!)
  7. Thanks, Carl, Tim, everyone else! Wow...do you guys ever sleep? (Okay, I'm a nightowl too)
  8. Thanks for the very quick reply, Tim! I'm gonna love these boards! And your answer was what I needed to hear. I find the online WP docs confusing to say the least. Not the wording itself, but the navigation. Okay, when you install w/Fantastico, does it have the latest version? I just downloaded the latest today...will I need to update the install? I guess what I'm asking is, how often is Fantastico updated? (Nice that TCH has it, BTW.)
  9. I've been using pMachine pro for blogging, and I like it a lot. The only reason I'm considering changing (now that I'm starting new blogs) is that pMachine is no longer supported or updated. The same company has developed ExpressionEngine, but it's too pricey for a personal blog, and I can't see that Expression Core (free) is any better than pMachine, and it doesn't have support either. After all that, here's my question: In pMachine, it was very easy to develop your own "themses" which were just html pages with tags. And you don't have to use the control panel to do it...I prefer to do it locally, then upload, so I can actually see what I'm doing. Can you do the same with WP? BTW, I realize that the WP people are programmers, not designers, but I do wish they'd get someone to redesign their site!
  10. Whew! Thanks for all the welcomes! After extensive research (SEVERAL hosts) and knocking around TCH's site for literally hours, I've decided I want to become a member of this family Won't be till Friday when I get my paycheck with bonus. I can't wait! I'm sure I'll have other questions and comments after signing up, till y'all get sick of me! Glad to see an active forum!
  11. Thanks for the quick reply, Bruce! As far as "unusual" downtime, I'd say more than a day.
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