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  1. Thanks for the information. I was confused when I got an email to let me know my payment had failed.
  2. Brian, I use NameCheap as a registrar.namecheap.com/ A friend recommended them and I have been very happy with them since I started moving away from GoDaddy early this year because I am sick of GoDaddy's sexist marketing. I believe in keeping my domain registration company separate from where I host (here) and I only use them for domains. I also like that they don't bombard me with tons of advertising emails although they do occasionally send a sale/discount offer or news about their services. I hope this is helpful. Gabi
  3. Pickleweeds, FYI your site came up for me. Nice site, by the way.
  4. Happy new year, Thomas - and everyone! Gabi
  5. Will there also be changes in packages and pricing for the reseller plans? If so, when will those be announced? Thanks, Gabi
  6. I was able to look at your site just now. It loaded fine. Nice site.
  7. I don't mind at all, Carl. That makes it clear for everyone when they read the original post, even if they don't read all this discussion after it. Thank you, Gabi
  8. Thank you Carl. I don't see any way to edit my original post above. Am I missing something? Your information and Bruce's confirmation about Yahoo are posted here. Is that enough, or should I post an new updated version? Which do you think would be more useful for other folks here? I did just now update this information on my website, which is posted here: http://www.claytonworks.com/EmailRulesonTCH.html Thanks, Gabi
  9. It's been quite a while since I wrote this. Have there been any changes? Thanks, Gabi
  10. A salmon and cheese omelette, grits and toast. Breakfast for supper, and a way to use some leftovers.
  11. Thank you for clarifying that. Jeremiah Wright? John McCain is associated with Reverend John Hagee, who I think is pretty scary. See: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/02/29/...e=mostpop_story William Ayers? "So let's get the record straight. Bill Ayers is a professor of education in Chicago. Forty years ago, when I was 8 years old, he engaged in despicable acts with a radical domestic group. I have roundly condemned those acts. "Ten years ago he served and I served on a school reform board that was funded by one of Ronald Reagan's former ambassadors and close friends, Mr. Annenberg. Other members on that board were the presidents of the University of Illinois, the president of Northwestern University, who happens to be a Republican, the president of The Chicago Tribune, a Republican- leaning newspaper. Mr. Ayers is not involved in my campaign. He has never been involved in this campaign. And he will not advise me in the White House.'' See the whole article: Bill Ayers: 'Washed-up' campaign tactic? by Mark Silva, Chicago Tribune's Washington Bureau. http://www.swamppolitics.com/news/politics...l?rfdid=7954298 ACORN? McCain associated with ACORN when it suited him. See and watch the video here: http://marcambinder.theatlantic.com/archiv...go_sen_john.php Also, "Voter registration program is one thing they do, and they did admit that faulty registration cards, including those brought forward by ACORN's own quality control staff, DO NOT result in improper voters or votes." See: http://salsa.wiredforchange.com/o/2749/t/3...etition_KEY=488 ACORN is being demonized right now. They are an organization that does a lot of good work. See: http://www.acorn.org/index.php?id=12341 Yes everybody, please vote!
  12. By "to(o) shady" are you referring to the color of his skin, or something ethical? If so, based on what? And I have a gut feeling that I AM seeing the real McCain, and I'm glad to say I already voted for Obama.
  13. I'm voting for Barack Obama. He's not my first choice - that would have been Dennis Kucinich this time.
  14. If you are on Windows XP it would be like mine: C:\Documents and Settings\Gabi(myname)\Application Data\Thunderbird\ I think that is everything except the account information which I have had to reenter. I hope that helps. Gabi
  15. Something about Plaxo didn't seem right for me so the few times someone tried to invite me in I didn't do it. (I don't do social networking sites. I have a MySpace only because its the only way I could access my son's MySpace when he used it a while ago and I have some friends that are on it, and I tried FaceBook for a while but the game invitations and friends sending cyber-drinks drove me crazy and wasted time so I dropped off that.) I am on LinkedIn with the free personal profile (which is here). It's a nice way to connect with old friends and colleagues and stay in touch and see who we know in common. It doesn't take much time at all, and it feels quite professional. They didn't ask for personal information that I was uncomfortable giving, and I'm very careful about that.
  16. "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck "The Color Purple" by Alice Walker Music and/or a DVD of "Woodstock" Music by: Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, and Woody Guthrie
  17. I still use FrontPage for some things, and I don't plan to get Expression or move to some other huge expensive program. I use the CoffeeCup software's - HTML Editor and several of their other products - their form builder, the Direct FTP software, and several of the others. They are inexpensive, offer a time-limited free trial period, and free upgrades. Another program I used in the past was Arachnophilia which is freeware. Smashing Magazine, which is excellent for designers and web-developers and worth subscribing to, has an article 25 Useful WYSIWYG Editors Reviewed which compares a lot and has a lot of comments. Good luck finding the right one!
  18. I'm not sure about the /page part, but if you have a folder and the url is www.somesite.com/folder/ and you have an index.htm (or index.html) inside that folder, then www.somesite.com/folder/ will take you to the index page without you having to type /index.htm
  19. Just long enough to say hello.
  20. Its 54°F in Olympia, Washington now (7:37 pm) and it has been raining on and off. On April 18th we had in Seattle, and then it snowed here a couple of days later. Two days ago it was 27° when we woke up and 72° by dinnertime. I used to say I wanted Spring here but then I realized this is spring. I want summer!
  21. Welcome Bonnie, from another happy customer of tch.
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