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  1. I need bug/issue tracking web based software. I reviewed many available ones, and really like Retrospectiva (Ruby/Rails) and Trac (Python). Have anyone tried installing anyone of these on TCH shared account, is it possible? They both have instructions on how to do it locally, or, I guess, via shell access (which I'm not even sure I have with silver account). If not, maybe you know of some other similar software we can install on shared hosting? I saw Mantis (php/mysql), however, I didn't like it much and would prefer to look at other options before having to try it. Doesn't look like I can use Bugzilla, as we can run perl outside of cgi-bin. Any siggestions appreciated!
  2. thanks for reply! i submitted ticket.
  3. Hi everyone, I need to send email to about 200 people who signed up for an event we organise on my website. I'm also looking for ways to start the mailing list (mails couple of times a week) on my website as the number of visitors have grown. I know i can't do it from my PC as letterms most likely won't make it to the recipients due to the antispam measures of my ISP. So, can i install script on my TC account and send mass mail like this? What are the policies, and has anyone on the forum done this before? Any info, tips and suggestions are greatly apprecialted. Including any suggestions of good scripts to do the job. Thanks in advance!
  4. ahh, good! thanks a lot guys, i'll give it a shot
  5. I have a starter plan. Can i have WAP content on my site? I want to make WAP version of my site for my users to have access from their mobile phones. Are TCH accounts have everything i'd need to get going with this? I've never done this before, and don't really know if there are any specific technical requirements for the servers for WAP. Are there? Thanks in advance!
  6. nope getting the same thing. i just now also tried to connect from a perl script, but got exactly the same error. i tripple checked the user name, pass, and DB name, besides i know they're right cause i copy'pasted it from config file of script thats uses it from the server. IP was given to me in chat session w/ TCH, and i ran whois on my domain - matches. the connection string im using in C# is "server=72.18.xxx.xxx;uid=mylogin_user;pwd=mypass;database=mylogin_testdb" for perl: # database information my $db="mylogin_testdb"; my $host="72.18.xxx.xxx"; my $userid="mylogin_user"; my $passwd="mypass"; my $connectionInfo="dbi:mysql:$db;$host"; # make connection to database my $dbh = DBI->connect($connectionInfo,$userid,$passwd); i also tried different DBs, and i only have one user for all my DBs. do i also need to specify port? what would that be?
  7. im getting: Exception: Access denied for user 'my_username'@'blah-blah.my_net_provider.net' to database 'my_database' then I added %.my_net_provider.net to Access Hosts (thats what you ment, right?), but im still getting the same err, only now its ... @'%.my_net_provider.net' ...
  8. ok, thanks for the reply! i also got an answer in chat session. i'll give it a try and be back if i have any issues
  9. I'm writing C# application to assist me with my website. I want to connect from it to mySQL DB on my hosting account to work with my data. MySQL has a free module I can use to work with mySQL databases, but to connect to it i need an IP/host adress of the server where mysql db is (along with the other data i already know). when I connect from my Perl/php scripts i specify "localhost", but this isn't local. Where can i find out this address? Thanks in advance!
  10. Share the your deepest secrets on community building! : ) How do YOU bring new visitors and keep 'em there? Regular articles writing, directories submission, link exchanges, digg/reddit submissions... what else? anything specific to blogging?
  11. i didn't know where this belongs, so it goes here. i have a non-english lang website, most of my visitors are from Slovakia, Russia, and Ukraine. the site seems to be working fine, it seems like i get as many visitors/hits a day as usual. however, starting last couple of days 2 of my friends (everyday visitors) cannot access the site, as if it was down. One of them in St. Petersburg (Russia), other one in Slovakia. I was on a ICQ with friend from Russia, and as i could access the site fine, he could not access it from his house, and same for www.totalchoicehosting.com . but at the same moment i asked 2 other people also in St. Petersburg to try it, and they both could accees it w/o problems. Friend in Slovakia called his ISP and they told him that they don't have any problems and they can access my site, and that problem is on my end, that maybe i placed his IP or something on the black list (which obviously isn't the case). i also didn't have any reports about site being down from uptime monitoring services that i use. so, the site is obviously working. but i was wondering what could cause something like this? i don't know how the hosting business is run, do you guys block certain IPs for whatever reason? maybe its done by mask and my friends' IP got blocked? i'd appreciate some feedback on this. thinks in advance
  12. i've been trending localtime() for 2 days now, it looks like my server is GMT-7
  13. (1) Are hours i specify for my cron jobs - local times of the server, or GMT times? (2) Time set on TCHs' servers - local to their physical location or GMT time? Say i need to run my script everyday midnight London time, do i put 0 in "hour" field? or do i find out where the server is, calculate local time for the server (say GMT-5 for NY), and put that time in (19 - if the server is in NY)? (3) where ARE your servers located?
  14. thanks for replys. actually getcwd() is a method of CWD module which is installed. however getcwd() returned me the same thing $ENV{PWD} contains, which is "/home/myaccount". and abs_path("myscript.pl") returned "/home/myaccount/myscript.pl" - which is NOT true, the path to the script is /home/myaccount/public_html/cgi-bin/whateverfolder/myscript.pl i guess it is better then nohting, it will help if i ever need to move to another hosting, but will not if i move or rename the script. i do appreciate the help, if you can think of anything else that can help me in this, please post if here. i went though all environmental variables available while running as a cron, the following are devined: HOME - /home/accountname LOGNAME SHLVL MAILTO PATH (not what i need) SHELL PWD - /home/accountname USER
  15. i've wrote a Perl script to execute as a cron job. the script suppose to write some data to a text file in the same folder the script is in. i hard coded the path to the script's folder (/home/myaccount/public_html/cgi-bin/myscript/logfile.txt) and it works fine, but if i just use logfile.txt, this file is saved in (/home/myaccount/logfile.txt). the $ENV{} stuff doesn't work, i guess it just runs as if executed from command prompt. how can i find a path the script is located in/executing from, so i don't have to modify my script when i need to move it? thanks in advance!
  16. A while back i figured i should have a newsletter sent out to those whos interested in knowing about site updates, because i don't update the site much. i wrote a script to subscribe and unsubscribe, but never wrote a newsletter script, or used a stand along program. I now have around 50 subscribers, and want start sending out some info about recent site updates and future upcommings. My ISP blocks emailing through my webhosting's smtp server, so i have to go through their smtp server, which is fine, i guess. So, im looking for a (1) tech and legal tips from anyone who has experience running newsletter on your own, not through 3rd party service and (2) bulk mail program suggestions. For example, i do know some ISPs will block your account if you try to send email after email with little or no time interval, because they think you're sending out spam. What programs do you use that can have a time interval between emails setup? Im looking for something that can include Header and a footer (for unsubscribing info). How do you aviod getting blocked by automatic bulkmail filters that pretty much installed on all systems today. ...and stuff like that.
  17. looks like its working! thanks!
  18. im need to setup a cron job to run maintanance script for phpAdsNew. all examples they list in their doc are using wget, linx, curl and fetch. i've searched the forums and it looks like wget, linx and curl are disabled, and i guess fetch would be too. so how do i run that script? the command i've used on my previous host was: /usr/bin/wget -q -O /dev/null http://www.mydoamin.org/adsnewdir/maintena...maintenance.php what command do i enter in CPanel ? tia
  19. ah cool! thanks for reply Andy, and thanks for welcome everyone
  20. well, i've signed up, and Image::Magick for Perl is not installed.
  21. i need to run my perl script on 404, and other errors, instead of showing 404.shtml. how can i do it? on my previous host i was able to configure through their CP what file/script to show/run on any error condition. but in CPanel i can only see a way to edit 404.shtml for 404 error.
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