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  1. Thanks Dick and TCH!! I just knew you guys would be able to help.
  2. Thanks Dick! What should I do with files like that? Should they be deleted?
  3. I think we figured it out. Apparently, the image resizer does not like animated graphics. A couple of members were using them in their sigs and it was those threads that caused the problem. I was told it had something to do with javascript. We've removed those banners and that seems to have solved the problem! I have another question. I did run the virus scan and found one red one (not sure what that means!). The file is: cache/lang_cache/en/f.php I removed my info from the code: Wutzitmean?
  4. I just checked my IE update list & have all the critical updates. I do not have some of the other ones though but didn't see anything that I would think would effect the viewing of the forum. There were no updates that were dated last week. The shutdown doesn't happen immediately but after a few seconds of viewing the pages. There doesn't seem to be a regional problem since members from NZ, AU, CA and the US have had problems. I've done a bit of experimenting and find that if I ignore a particular member, Baileys Mum, I don't shut down. Once I "un-ignored" and went back to the thread, I got the shut down screen. I see nothing in her avatar or signature (she uses something from Glittermaker.com). Others use Glittermaker with no problems. It does seem that the problems have occured since she's joined which was 8-17. Can anyone figure out why her posts cause the shutdown?
  5. Several of my forum members including myself are having problems opening some of the threads. It seems that only people but not everyone using IE are having problems. Some are having problems at home but not at work. We are getting this message: This thread caused my IE to shut down 3 times. This one has done it twice now but I was able to post after it closed the 1st time. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is and how to fix it other than use a different browser?
  6. I was determined to figure out the email thingy and I think I DID!! At least I was able to download 85 emails most of which was SPAM. A few were attempts I had made while testing after my first try. I was sending myself emails to me@mysite.com from my ISP. Apparently, I was able to send them, just not download them but I figured it out (sort of)....ALL BY MYSELF! Okay..with the help of the tutorial. But I downloaded LOTS of spam sent to "info@mysite.com" and I don't see where that is a valid email address. I also received "mail returned" messages that were all from @mysite.com but I didn't send them and there are no members using mysite's email. How do I nuke the "info@mysite.com" address? I did get some test emails I had sent myself at me@mysite.com from my ISP several weeks ago when I tried to figure it out the first time. Is there something I did or didn't do that lets spam be sent via my site's email? and... I just got this msg: I'm trying to send a test email from my ISP to mysite.com email and it's stuck in the outbox. I remember reading something about ports but can't find it now & can't remember what it was.. maybe 26?? Is that the problem? I tried to send me@mysite.com an email from my hotmail account & got the same msg when I checked for it. I just downloaded all those emails though & didn't change anything. Darn it and I thought I was sooo smart. What's wrong?
  7. Let's say you find two forums dealing with your favorite hobby whether it's gaming, cars, fishing, knitting...whatever. Why are you more active on forum A rather than forum B? What features do you like most on a forum? What do you like least? I'd like to increase membership & activity on my forum and am looking for suggestions. Thanks!
  8. I'm not really trying to target surfers but members of my forum. I think the members would be much more likely to purchase from the stores than someone just surfing in. I don't click those links either when I'm surfing.
  9. I've been tossing around the idea of joining one of the affiliate marketing programs with the hopes of offsetting some of the cost of staying online, pay for the chatroom, maybe adding more features to my site and being able to donate to some boxer rescues. Of course, reading through the information on the affiliate sites, it's all good and one can make thousands of dollars... ya right! I've looked at LinkShare & Commission Junction so far and wonder if anyone has dealt with either of them and will share their opinions. Any recomendations for other programs? I will not bombard my members with emails & popups and irritating banners. My thought was to create a shopping forum and provide links to the various stores I want to promote (primarily pet related) and invite members to shop from the forum. Any advice on making an affiliate program work? Thanks!
  10. Thanks, Thomas! I was aware of the impeding CSB demise. It seems like there will be quite a bit of support for the program though. Now the question is whether it's worth the almost $70 to purchase if there won't be updates & bug fixes. Since I haven't used it, I have no idea! Are there equally easy, good (or maybe better) programs available?
  11. FrontPage came with my computer and despite it's best efforts, I did manage to get a few pages built & online. It was a struggle though. I've read a little about CSB and wonder if it's easier to use. I've never been really happy with what I did using FP I think because the templates are primarily business related. I just didn't like any of them so used a blank template. I'm not going to be building websites for anyone else but would like to make mine more appealing and professional looking. I see that TCH offers Templates Express through Fantastico. Is it something that a "Tech Challenged" person can figure out?
  12. Geesh.. you mean that's ALL?
  13. I'd love to put this on that error page: ROFL!!
  14. Paul, Condolences to you and your family. I'm very sorry for your loss.
  15. I had no idea how to do that when I first started the board. I was lucky to get the changes made at all! I've made a bit of progress and have figured out how to add emoticons & my logo via ftp.... now I've got to wrestle the buttons around. After several attempts at changing the logo via the "easy logo changer" , I finally just changed the name of the IBP logo then loaded my logo with it's old name. I think I'll probably do that with the buttons too unless there is a better way. Is there?
  16. I should have worded that differently. I still had to edit script but could do it in the admin panel. I'm still trying to figure the new version out. I can't seem to change the logo even following the directions on the IBP Knowledge Base. Haven't begun to figure out buttons...
  17. When I added the logo & buttons to the original IPB forum, I had to change the permissions via SSH on the previous server, then was able to change the code from the admin panel & upload changes. I *think* I changed the skins folder and the S1 but will try again once I recover from my journey into SMF code. If I still can't do it, I'll contact support. Thanks!!
  18. Update..... < i./ ju$t [can't : ^ type.+. c0de]> <give$/.(me_he@d@che> .....so I bailed on the SMF and purchased the IBP upgrade. I'm a wimp, I know, but wanted to regrow the hair I lost while trying to get the board moved. Also, ya'll scared me with security talk concerning 1.2 so I thought it would provide better security faster to let IBP to an upgrade. I like IPB's feature of being able to add logos, buttons... and ...stuff... from the admin panel. It's still "geeklish" but seems more organized but then I'm more familiar with it... I'll still tinker with the SMF board, though!
  19. I'm just checking it out for now. Trying to figure out how to insert my logo, some buttons.... that sort of stuff... but not having much luck!
  20. <----- That's me. I can't believe I did it but I did!! I knew I'd seen SMF somewhere on the cPanel but there are SO many buttons, I'd forgotten where... THANK YOU!!! I just LOVE TCH!
  21. Some people shouldn't be allowed to have websites but since I do, I have questions. After reading about the security issues with IPB 1.2, reading posts about SMF and checking out the features, I'd like to give it a try. I got to the download page before I ran into a problem. Which file, zip tar.gz or tar.bz2, do I want to download and can it be downloaded to TCH or do I need to download/upload it from my computer? How big is it? Does it go in the public_html folder? Thanks!
  22. I'm also running 1.2 and have considered upgrading to the new IPB but hate to shell out the bucks. I like free better! Can someone provide links to SMF boards? I'd like to see what they look like. Is it difficult to convert files from IPB to SMF? If you have followed my plight in getting my website moved you already know that I am NOT a 'puter guru. What are the chances of me being able to convert?
  23. Thanks for the reply! I followed your instructions for file manager & apparently, support isn't done with me afterall. I'll give them a break & wait a few days. Thanks!
  24. I was trying to change a part of the script in the header on my IBP board and needed to change permissions but can't seem to figure it out. I tried through cPanel File Manager and through FTP and while permissions did change, I still couldn't complete the script change. I keep getting I wound up changing the name of the page from chat.htm to chat and that fixed the page unavailable problem but I will have to do make some other changes and will eventually need to change permissions. How do I change permissions? I did search for an answer & saw where a support ticket might be in order BUT I think support needs a break from me for a few days. LOL!
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