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  1. Hey guys! I'm sorry to say that I've become one of those that pop in only to ask a question then poof off till the next inquiry. Today's question is about offleashmedia.com. I've received some PMs via my forum complimenting me and it...blah blah blah..... and offering to purchase it for "many thousands of dollars" yet I would remain as admin and could keep my mods in place but offleashmedia would take over the technology and grow the community. Now, I do LOVE my site and of course think it's THE BEST site about boxer dogs but even I don't think it's worth many thousands of dollars! I can't believe this is a legit offer but was curious if anyone else had dealing with them. Thanks for any input. OH NO.... I'm Distant Family!
  2. I'm looking for some advice on spiffing up my board. I'm pretty useless when it comes to doing a lot with coding, adding components and other features so have found someone to do most of it for me. He's added a shoutbox which seems to be a big hit, has gotten a portal installed which I feel gives the board a more professional appearance, a board panel and we're considering some other possiblities. I'd like to have features that members enjoy using and that will keep them coming back and more importantly participating! I've paid for the hosting, the IPB support, the chatroom, new skins and the work done by the "webmaster" so far out of my pocket (which isn't that deep ) but am seriously considering adding a "donate" button to help offset some costs and hopefully purchase new features. I feel those that donate should get something in return so would like some suggestions. I will make the new skins available to those members that donate, perhaps allow them to upload pics (not an option now), increase PM storage (not sure how important that is though) and perhaps Private Forums but am sort of at a loss as to what to put in the private forums. I've also thought of making blog space available to those that donate but need one that works easily with IPB. I need suggestions for features that members like to use as well as thoughts on what to offer to those that donate. Any thoughts? Of course, the bigger & more active the board is the more server space I'll need which will cost more .....
  3. BAH! I was sure I did that shortly after I moved to TCH but with the new CPanel, it may not be an option anymore. Thanks!
  4. I've looked at the awstate access thread and probably can follow the directions posted in the 1st post in the thread but doesn't that put the stats online for all to see? Is there a way to give someone access via the cpanel but limit their access to ONLY awstats?
  5. Weird. It wouldn't connect using the IP address but did using the Ftp Server name which includes my domain name. I'm trying to edit a navigation link under the logo on my forum (IPB 2.2.1) and have changed the permission of the necessary file from 0666 to 0755 & 0777, edited the link in my admin panel and still can't get it to save so the link is changed on the board. I get this msg: I asked what I was doing wrong on one of the IPB support forums and was told to Which is what I did. Is there anything else I should try or should I to TCH support & send a ticket?
  6. I didn't know. I am saddened to learn of Don's passing. He was such a help to me when I first joined TCH. I know he loved his pets here on earth and no doubt is surrounded by furkids right now. My belated sympathies to his real life family as well as his TCH family.
  7. Oh...DUH! I just figured it out. I think I was using the IP address for the old server. I found the correct FTP Server name in Cpanel. I just wish I knew what all those other buttons in CPanel do!
  8. I rarely mess around with Ftp but needed to do poke around in the files so fired up SmartFTP and tried to access my dot on the server. It wouldn't connect. I thought no big deal, I can do my poking from Cpanel but couldn't change permissions like I needed to (I read somewhere to "make a ticket" if one had that problem and I will if I can't figure FTP out). I snooped around in Cpanel and did find "FTP Accounts" and I'm listed as having an account. Now, finally to my question! Do I need to use either Filezilla or Core FTP instead of SmartFTP or do I need to change something in SmartFTP because of the server move? Thanks!
  9. I awoke to a gazillion emails, people pouncing on me on MSN and an error message on my board. I'm clueless and do good just to log on much less fix anything......sooooo who do I 911??? TCH. I had an "IPS Driver Error"...whatever that is and within 10 minutes of my panicked support ticket, I had a "fixed it" reply from Tina Garrison. THANK YOU, TINA!!!! I didn't have to pull my hair out. LOL!!
  10. dang..... 1,2, THREE..... I meant 3 . I can count...really! Canada (1), Indiana (2) and Tennessee is 3. ROFL!
  11. I've gotten reports that my site has been down again today. These reports have come from different areas... Canada, northern Indiana & TN are two. It seemed to have started about noon EST and lasted about 20 minutes and again about 3:30. Those are the times I know about. I wasn't online much today & wasn't when it was down. Does anyone know if it's something that I need to fix (like I could anyway) or is something TCH can fix or is it anything either side needs to fix? LOL! Thanks!
  12. WHEW... that worked! It's back! I had several members check from various locations and none were able to connect just before I posted. Thanks!
  13. which is my board! I think my site is still on server 122. Anyone have any ideas?
  14. I am SO confused.... not surprising though! I was one that had FP pre-loaded and I did manage to stumble my way through it and published my website although I didn't use any of their templates. Now that support for it will not be maintained and , does that mean that pages published via FP will not be able to be seen at some point in the future? I never did figure out "extentions" so I'm not sure if I have them or not. I want to spiff up my site anyway which is why I'm so interested in TCH's website builder software that was mentioned as an improvement. I did download NVU but haven't had time to look at it... as if I would know what I'm looking at....... It's not "if" but "when" I get started with NVU and have questions can someone here provide a bit of guidance?
  15. Well.... RATS! I was hoping I'd just missed it.
  16. I realize there was a delay due to the data center issues but wondered if there was a new "effective date". Or has it been added and I've missed it?
  17. Thomas & Jessica, Please accept my condolences for your loss. Piggie was very lucky to have such devoted parents and there is not doubt your love and care extended her life. She is indeed waiting at the Bridge. {{{HUGS}}}
  18. I don't understand it but it must be a good thing! Congrats to TCH!
  19. I've been tossing around adding a blog to my site for members to use. It seems WordPress is running away with the poll votes (I didn't vote..just peeked at the results). I know NOTHING about blogs and blogging but understand it's sort of an online journal. (I think) I imagine I'll have lots of questions should I decide to add a blog but need to know if WordPress can be integrated with the member list from my forum first. Then the second question is "How?". LOL! Do directions come with the download?
  20. I used to be able to do it... but apparently the brain cells that had that info stored were wiped out. I know it's got target="blank" in it somewhere but what is the exact script used to redirect a forum to a new window?
  21. My mom who is 82 this year is having problems with IE7. All she gets are blank pages. She is connected and her Outlook works but no matter what URL is used, the blank page shows up. Once in a while she gets the Can't Connect Page. Has anyone tried to be tech support over the phone to their elderly mom who "punches buttons"? I'm at a loss as to what to tell her to try to do so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  22. WOW! That is SO cool! Pardon my ignorance, but is that a skin that can be used on a forum such as TCH or..... um.... my IPB forum? Congrats on getting it figured out!
  23. Fantastic news! Way to go, Piggie! Lotsa luck with the syringe!
  24. Whew! The possiblity of dreaming about site building programs gave me nightmares. Any guesstimates on when it might be available?
  25. WOW! That's great, Thomas! She has certainly come an amazingly long way. More good vibes are being sent to Piggie and I know her 7th Birthday Party will be fantastic!
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