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  1. thanks for all the ideas;

    before I submit a ticket, is there a best place to put this line of code in the htacess file?


    I stuck it between the last two sections, not surrounded by "#s"


    I have Joomla! installed in the root directory.


    thanks again.


    One thing to try if you have joomla installed in a sub directory...

    I don´t have a joomla installation in a sub directory at the moment so I can´t check it, but I believe you can try adding this line in a htaccess file and place that in the same directory as you have joomla in.

  2. Hello all,


    In reading the security stuff about Joomla!, it says to turn off the emulation by editing the globals:


    see: register globals emulation instructions



    I just upgraded to the latest install: v.1.0.15

    and have done both of the following:

    1) edited the globals php file in the root to "0" and

    2) confirmed that globals is turned off in the global config / server tab in the joomla! admin/back end.


    And still, I get system info, security warnings, that tell me that globals is still turned on. I also just installed a new component, and it tells me that it won't work because globals is still turned on.




    Is this something TCH can help with, or should I go post my issue w/ joomla! forums. I've searched both forums, and no one else has seemed to have this problem.


    I truly thank anyone in advance for assistance.


    - D.

  3. Thank Jim, but when you uninstall components in Joomla, elements are totally deleted from the database. thus no component directory, and no files to edit on the server.


    As for editing pre-upload of the zipped component package files:

    I wouldn't know which file in the package needed to be changed (or how to change it)

    if such a file in the package assigns rights to a generated folder during the install.


    So I guess I'll submit a help ticket.







    If joomla is using that file, you can not change the permissions. If its a component, uninstall the component and then change the file if you can.


    If not, please submit a help desk ticket and ask them for to make apache not own any of the files.



  4. Something won't let me change permissions to this Joomla component

    folder via cPanel X


    (unable to connect to server errors when uploading pics)


    I've scoured Joomla and Expose forums and found nothing

    about this problem.


    Many seem to have the pic upload problem but the common

    fix is 7 7 7'ing the folder or creating a "bucket" folder (I

    don't have permission to do this either, of course.)


    TCH Family, HELP!

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