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  1. Okay, so then I need to upload a mysql database and then use fp to connect to that db. I will do a web search to see if I can get some directions on doing this.
  2. I have a simple re-seller plan. WIll this work? If not which program should I have?
  3. Hello, I am trying to setup a database using FP 2003. I was not able to get it to work, I created the db and the asp pages, but once I loaded it to the server, I was not getting a response. Anyone have a check list to get this done?
  4. Hello, I found it to be way off in some areas, for example, in SLC it identified a property as being worth $1.2 milllion, the property was purchased a year earlier for $200k. In some other areas I found it to be off by as much as 20-30%. Suprisingly my home in San Diego was fairly accurate. I think as they collect more data the accuracy will increase, however it will still be an issue in sdome of those non-disclosure states like UT and TX.
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