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  1. You have stumbled across one of the biggest complaints (that I've heard anyway) in the difference between IE and Mozilla. Mozilla adheres more closely to W3C standards...Micro$oft does their own thing. Yes, it makes designing sites rather difficult. I normally design for Mozilla and make slight modifications to ensure it looks reasonably close in IE. (I do go back and forth between the two quite a bit!) If you look closely, you'll find out that your web page cannot be an exact duplicate, but with a little tweaking, you'll get it awfully darn close.

  2. You don't mention what type of error you get. Is it a 404-Page not found error? I would check your path statement...in other words where in the site directory structure does the link point to? Does it point to the correct place? I've had the same problem myself and only after going back through the path (adding a directory, removing a slash, etc.) was I able to find my mistake.


    Sometimes it's the littlest things that give one the biggest headaches! :)

  3. Glad to see you got this worked out! Just keep your trying small by making small changes to see what happens. Before long, you'll find that you'll be figuring things out easily enough!

  4. You should always use the batch file to start xammp and stop xammp. It does some nice orderly things like start/stop apache, mysql, etc.


    The inc directory is where the files you want "included" go. When I've used xammp, I've placed all my html files in the html directory. (I've got xammplite, so I don't know if there is a significant difference or not between the two.)

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