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  1. Depending on the file size, you could load XAMMP on a USB drive, then use it to demonstrate it "online". I use this method to demonstrate website designs to prospective clients and it seems to work rather well.

  2. I got that same poem on a card from my vet office when my first dog Buddy died in 2005. It brought tears to my eyes. We had him for just over 15 years and even tho' he was sick and in pain, not once did he whimper or whine. My sympathies go out to you. At least you had a little more time to spend with Piggie. I'm sure here and Ginnie are running around and playing again, waiting to see you and Jessica again.

  3. My first impression of these was 'oh great', people will get into the automatic habit of clicking thru this box and not even reading or worrying about what it is warning you about. Then when the real thing its warning you about comes in you don't even see it coming ... the 'cry wolf' gotcha.


    Unless something in the security features prevents this, it sounds like an easy way to get spybots and/or virii onto a system. While I haven't played with Vista at all, I'm with the rest of you...I won't go out of my way to get it. Of course, learning Linux is a good enough challenge for me right now!

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