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  1. Are you hosting on a shared server? If so I think you got really lucky that last year your site was not suspended. 5000 viewers on a forum that is MySQL driven is a big load for a shared server. These are the risks you take on a shared hosting platform. Perhaps you should think of upgrading to a VPS or Dedicated server because in my view your way over using a cheap shared hosting account.
  2. You can also submit a ticket and they will redo your entire account for you. They did this for me and it was like being born again clean and sin free.
  3. I dont know if anyone else took the time to look around the internet at this issue. I, shoes, have done this for all of us. This problem is not going away until Yahoo steps up to the plate and takes SpamCop seriously. I have contacted many other hosting companies and not one of them is even aware of this issue let alone taking the stance that tch is so I think we all need to thank bill and dick and the staff at tch for at least listening to us. I personally could give a rats behind about yahoo emailers.
  4. Hey Bill what do you do with all the old switches. I am in need a a couple switches for my home network. I have 2 24 port 10meg switches that I would like to replace with gigabit speed switches.
  5. As always TCH is a top notch player in the hosting business. I love it. Thank you for taking the time to tell me about the network updates Bill. Your company is the greatest.
  6. Just got the email notice! Thank you for the upgrade, I just logged into the new billing system and it looks excellent. Thank you Bill and team!
  7. Shit happens man. My site is online and has been for like 10 years with TCH. I trust what they tell me and I know its not like they are sitting around letting my account get hacked. oh did i say
  8. I have been a client with total choice for a very long time. I think everyone needs to remember that software is only as good as the person that wrote it. Like the owner of total choice has pointed out they have plugged the hole and are still monitoring things. I for one love this place, and it will take a lot more than a simple site defacement to make me look for a new host. My site is always online and the support people here have always been really good to me. Thank you to every one at total choice for making my stay on the internet as smooth as possible. shoes
  9. i registered? I did not get no blank screen, i registed and it worked the first try. Heck, i even left you a test post. Rock Sign
  10. The "head guru" special only applies to new signups. Policy is found here http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...ct=ST&f=1&t=820
  11. Put a slash on the other side for my vote. Please Head Guru do not change this, I love the fact the .exe gets filtered. TCH Stones TCH Stones TCH Stones TCH Stones
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