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  1. Ok.. will do.. Thanks so much Andy!! Thumbs Up
  2. Yes.. I am a member of my own list, just to make sure that the messages I send do indeed get sent out.
  3. I get a copy of the message I sent and a not allowed message. Like I said, before the cpanel upgrade it worked perfectly and I've made no changes in the admin panel or anything like that.
  4. My list was working fine before the upgrade. My troubles started after it.
  5. I was just about to ask about that too. I get the same message along with the sent message. I'm on server 23. My list has been set up for a few months and has been working fine until recently. It got fixed up for me and now I'm getting that "not allowed" message.
  6. I agree. I've been using AVG for a couple years now and never had a virus sneak in around it! Dance
  7. I use FP 2002. I don't use it to upload, nor do I use the templates. It is an easy way to make a page and edit the html. I use Smart FTP to do my uploading.
  8. Thanks to Bill and Alan my problem has been fixed! Rock Sign
  9. Googlebot has been at my site everyday for the past few weeks too.
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