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  1. Nevermind about giving me any more help on this one LOL I've decided I'm just going to do a message board and have my visitors go there to leave comments and request for graphics.


    One of these days, when I get a little smarter :D , I'll figure out how to do my own forms LOL


    Thanks, everyone, for your help and patience on this :)

  2. I tried with frontpage and couldnt get it to work right. I had to make a new web for the form page itself. I got it up and it worked... then I decided to change something and re-published it and it didn't work anymore. I used the form page wizard to initially make the page and it put choices that I had as check boxes and I wanted them to be in a drop down box. When I made that change, the form no longer worked. B)

  3. I wanted to put some forms on my site to replace the ones I'm using from Bravenet. I have a form for people to ask questions or to leave comments, forms for people to apply to adopt things that I've made too. The thing is.. I downloaded pspFormGenerator and made a great form. Then I went to make another form and it changed the 1st form B) . Does anyone know of something not so frustrating to use to make forms ?? :D

  4. You people are going to get tired of me LOL Now I have another problem. I tried to set up the advanced guestbook the other day, before my site propogated. Now that I can see my site... I can't edit the guestbook... To edit, it's asking for a user name and password and I never got to set them because the page it sent me to came up as not found, since the site hadn't proagated..... I need a little help, please :) Domain.. dddezigns.com

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