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  1. Yesterday I uploaded a lot of new content to my subdomain genealogy.dddezigns.com on server 23. The disk usage before I started was 64.67 megs.. After I finished CPanel still showed the same disk usage. I checked again this morning and it's still the same.. Could someone please check on this?? It's said the same amount of usage for the longest time Head Bash
  2. Thank you.. Downloaded it. It wasn't that hard to find.... Just clicked on the link that said downloads
  3. I get that too.. on mine, it's coming from Google having old cached pages of mine. If you follow this link you will see a cached version which is no longer in use
  4. I just tried it too... I'm on cable and it just locked up my browser after loading only 1%. I had to ctrl+alt+del my way out
  5. I haven't had any problems using Avant Browser to view any sites... I've been to sites with lots of Java, flash, animations, etc *I am also on Cable internet*. I've also had regular IE up at the same time with no troubles.. But I'll stick with Avant as my default browser. The built in Pop Up stopper is better than the downloadable "Pop Up Stopper". Right now Avant has a beta version 8 out.. I have version 7. I'll stick with this until all the beta testing on 8 is done. Version 8 is skinnable.. Can't wait to see that Charlotte
  6. Ahhhh ok... I must have missed the "IE" in front of Opera LOL.. But I still love this browser anyway
  7. I use something similar.. Avant Browser. This too is IE based.. It used to be called Opera. I love it
  8. Thank you... OOPS on the TCH link opening in the IFrame... I'll fix that and I think I'll take your advice and get rid of the opening page and change my main page to index.html *I've been thinking of doing that anyway, just haven't gotten around to it* So, in doing that, I will be getting rid of Extreme Tracking too. Thanks for your pointers... They are very much welcome TCH Rocks
  9. Please add me too Daydreamer's Designs Description: Mouse drawn country graphics using Paint Shop Pro 7, websets, PSP Tubes, gradients, preset shapes, brushes, tutorials, adoptions, blinkies and dollz. I also have a forum for Website help. Links to my family and genealogy sites. Of course I have links back to TCH (Rank Evaluation, please) Charlotte
  10. Here is my wallpaper. I hope you like it Daydreamer's Designs I've had the link up on my index page since my first day here I just added a second one on my main page. I drew all the images myself except for the eyes.. they are a brush I have in Paint Shop Pro
  11. If you are using Outlook Express.. Open your address book Click New.. then New Group Give the group a name Then add the email addresses you want in the group And if I remember correctly, if you do not put an address in the To: field it will come up as "Undisclosed Receipent" or something like that
  12. I just wanted to give a thumbs up for the mailing list in CPanel. I just made one for my PSP Tubes page and I'm floored. It's comparable to Yahoogroups in that a user can choose No Mail, Digest, there are email archives. All you have to do is add a link to your page and clicking on it will take the user to a page to sign up. My old host had a mailing list too, but it was cheezy. You had to have the user send you a username and password. There were no archives.. no choice of mail delivery... I'm in heaven LOL At my other host, I was paying $8.95 a month for not much of anything except for a Plesk based panel. If you wanted to add a message board, you had to ask for permission. If you wanted a subdomain, you had to fill out a support ticket and ask them to do it. All I can say is... TCH Rocks Charlotte Daydreamer's Designs
  13. I would like to know this too.. I found these 2 entries in my error log What were people trying to find, that weren't found?
  14. I used Adaware and recently downloaded SpyBot *freeware* and it catches a lot more than Adaware ever did I'm about to uninstall Adaware
  15. I use DodosMail for my forms and they still work... so I guess it's not one with the security problem..
  16. I finally got the forms up and working on my site.. I found a very easy php form to use!! DodosMail. It's very easy to use and customize with Front Page Thank you to everyone who tried to help me.. I'll try not to be a pain in the you know what anymore LOL TCH Rocks
  17. Just tried print screen again and it doesn't work now. I guess you got it fixed this time
  18. Clicking the print screen button on my keyboard did not close anything. The full sized image stayed open. I didnt click alt + print screen.. Just print screen.
  19. I clicked on the thumbnail then clicked my print screen button then opened Paint Shop Pro and pasted as a new image... Prints the screen nicely I know that's not what you wanted to hear... But no matter how many ways you try to protect an image online someone will find a way around it. On my pages Daydreamer's Designs I use a no right click script from Dynamic Drive and use a no image toolbar meta tag <META HTTP-EQUIV="imagetoolbar" CONTENT="no"> which stops the little toolbar in IE from coming up.. This stuff will just slow them down. Those that are really determined to take them will. They can go into their temp files and find the images too...
  20. I right clicked and clicked save as and I got a horse but it's all funky looking .. not the picture on the page
  21. I was just checking my recent visitors in CPanel and came across this entry: Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; grub-client-1.2.1; Crawl your own stuff with http://grub.org). I went to the site and it says: Improve Web Search from Your Desktop! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1,041 clients running - crawling 77,596,682 URLs in the last 24 hours. Does this mean that anyone can download this program like the robots do?? I don't know if I like this or not... This is the entire entry from my CPanel: Host: Url: / Http Code : 200 Date: May 10 23:53:56 Http Version: HTTP/1.1 Size in Bytes: 7833 Referer: - Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; grub-client-1.2.1; Crawl your own stuff with http://grub.org)
  22. Thank you for that link... Cute site you have.. I just love the turtle I'll work on the forms tomorrow when my head is a little clearer.. Been playing in my Paint Shop Pro all day and my eyes are going bonkers TCH Rocks
  23. Ok.. I'm ready to give this a try LOL I downloaded the PhormJr.. The documentation that comes with it isn't totally clear, at least to me... I unzipped it and don't know what to do with it next LOL *Can you tell I'm a total newbie at this?*
  24. I gave up on the forms and have installed an Invision board on my site.. with a change to the skin If you would like to check it out here is the link My Message Board
  25. Nevermind about giving me any more help on this one LOL I've decided I'm just going to do a message board and have my visitors go there to leave comments and request for graphics. One of these days, when I get a little smarter , I'll figure out how to do my own forms LOL Thanks, everyone, for your help and patience on this
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