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  1. The music works fine and the choir sounds great!!
  2. Keep the shiny side up and the greasy side down!
  3. speeding ticket.... 18 mph over limit LOL *silly hubby*
  4. 16 hours driving each day!
  5. Driving to Texas to see daughter and grandkids!! *it was a great vacation!!* Thumbs Up
  6. Everyone above me ROCKS!!! Rock Sign
  7. Lianna is a great person! She's very helpful
  8. I just downloaded Zone Alarm the other day... It's so surprising how many times unknown access occurs.. . In just 3 days 396 access attempts have been blocked by Zone Alarm. I just went to that website and tested my computer.. Just like yours, Turtle... complete Stealth
  9. Thank you! I'm happy to be here Kick Me
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