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  1. ftp.******


    Like that explains a lot? First of all I don't even know what the hell I'm supposed to put instead of " Your domain " and anything I do put, it doesn't work! ( This is getting very frustrating because none of these help sites bother explaining anything in details for the noobs like me )


    You would put in http://www.****** ******* being your domain name. You should have the FTP info that was sent in your welcome email.


    To put in a help ticket go to: Help Desk

  2. I clicked on the "View New Posts" link and get a message that this feature has been disabled. :blink: I always use that to see what new posts there are instead of going thru each and every forum. Can this be re-enabled? :hug:


    Ignore the above statement... LOL It's working now... I think :huh:

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