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  1. You can create folders and rules for processing incoming email to be moved to those folders in any POP email client.

    That's exactly what I do.. I use several email accounts too and Outlook Express makes it easy to have the mail go into different folders for my different needs :dance:

  2. That original screenshot does exist, if you manipulate the URL that Madmanmcp posted.  Although I don't know how the client got to it.



    I just clicked on this link and a page came up with the TCH banner on the top... That must be how he thought he was at TCH!! It didn't have the TCH banner the first time I clicked the link.. that showed after closing it then clicking the link for the 2nd time.


  3. It looks to me like someone got in, somehow, and messed it up. I viewed your source and won't put here what I found. There is only one entry that shows and it's full of foul language.....


    Maybe it can be restored to an earlier date which would fix it. I would put in a help desk ticket. Then I would change my admin password for it.

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