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  1. A dnsstuff.com check shows dns4 is and dns3 is
  2. In looking at a Google search for 'Thunderbird SMTP port' it looks like you should be able to change the port in the Tools menu under Account Settings. There should be an Outgoing Server option and it would allow changing the settings. I just checked on a copy of Thunderbird Portable that I have installed and if you go to Tools/Account Settings and then Choose Outgoing server. From there click on Edit with the server address selected and there is a place to change the port to 26.
  3. You should be sure that the ports for sending are the same. If you can't send but can receive it is most often due to your ISP blocking port 25. Try port 26 instead for the SMTP port.
  4. I was pretty sure that was the case. Glad it is working now.
  5. First thing I would check would be the Hotlink protection and see if it is enabled in cPanel.
  6. More than likely someone is spoofing your address rather than actually sending out from your account. If you have concerns that it might be sent from your account you should submit a Help Desk ticket and include the full headers from one of the bounce messages so that they can look and see where the actual email originates.
  7. The advantage can be cosmetic. For example, you can get to these forums using http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/ or by using http://forums.totalchoicehosting.com. Another advantage is that you can check the stats of the subdomain in cPanel so that you could see the traffic more easily to a certain section of your site.
  8. Yes, the Drop command would delete the table. I would suggest making a backup of the database before making any changes.
  9. GvilleRick

    Movie Making?

    It's not free but I use ProShow Gold to make slide shows from digital pictures. It is easy to use and has a number of transitions available. It does have a 30 day trial. I used it to make a slide show of my daughter's wedding and use it a lot at school to produce special slide presentations such as a Senior Slideshow. You can save to CD, DVD, or to an executable file.
  10. It should be /usr/bin/php -q /home/cpanelusername/public_html/cron.php
  11. The password and user should be in a config file in the old PhpBB folder. I'm not sure what they name the file but generally it is config.php or some such file. It could also be in the includes folder. [From running a Google search it does look like the file is config.php. You can use the File Manager in cPanel to view the file and get the password.]
  12. You can add a deny from 62.56.129 in your htaccess file to block the entire range from to
  13. That would require a custom configuration on the server, specifically the httpd.conf file. The previous post by TCH-Jesse indicates that this is not possible on a shared server.
  14. Before submitting a ticket I would try it again as this can happen if MySQL has to be restarted. If it continues to fail to load submitting a ticket should get it solved.
  15. You should submit a ticket using the link at the top of this page if it is not loading in your cPanel.
  16. You can download a copy of Expression Web to test for 60 days. I have been using it some the past couple of weeks and am much more impressed with it than I was with FP. It does seem to support web standards much better and the code created by the WYSIWYG editor is not as messy as FP. Changing styles in the document, for example, will make the changes in the style sheet rather than just put them in the html file. As for your statement "I try to ask people for help and get nadda.", what you are wanting to do is pretty involved. You could contract someone from one of the "rent a coder" type sites if you can't find a script that does what you need at hotscripts.com, etc. It's not the type of question where someone can say first do this, then do that, etc.
  17. If the file is in the amember folder and the amember folder is in public_html then the cron should work. It is difficult for folks here to help determine what could be happening without the domain.
  18. You are using your cpanel username where it says userid, correct?
  19. Information on the preferred format can be found here.
  20. From the description in the post linked this code would go in the theme.php file (which is in the wp-admin folder.) I would note that the code is listed as untested so if you choose to test it I would back up the current file first.
  21. I would try using $site = "24gotham.com"; without the www in front.
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