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  1. Are there any other approaches anyone can recommend to safely install a current, supported version of Joomla on a (actually a few) TCH accounts?


    We are sorry, but there is no automated way to install new versions of Joomla. But you can manually install them any account on TCH - as it is supported on our servers.


    You can download the Joomla packages from here and can manually install . Click here to read detailed installation instructions for Joomla 3.0 and click here for the 2.5 instructions.

  2. I am sorry, but there is no easier way to restrict or block the access to your domain to foreign countries - as countries having a multiple number of IP ranges through many ISPs. However, you can enable the access of certain IP ranges and can block all others from accessing your domain using .htaccess allow/deny rules. This will work only if you know the IP ranges. For example - if you need to provide the access to the IP ranges -, - and to block all other ranges, you can use the following allow/deny rules on .htaccess


    <Limit GET POST>
    order deny,allow
    allow from
    allow from
    deny from all

  3. Issue with the network port has been fixed and the server is online now.


    Verified that all the services are up and running now.


    Please feel free to open a ticket to the help desk, if you have any issues with the accounts hosted on this server.

  4. There are two possibilities :


    1. You are getting bounces of header spoofed mails


    2. The password of your email compromised.


    Please submit a ticket to the help desk with the full header of a recent such bounced mails - so that we can look into this.

  5. :xmas: Merry Christmas :xmas:


    Always remember those lines from BoneyM Christmas Medley


    "Let's keep the christmas bells ringing, not just one day of the year

    Let's keep the christmas bells ringing, not just one day of the year"

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