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  1. Right now with my forum, my SQL db is about 21mb and works fine.
  2. Also on server 21 and experiencing same problem with all of my domains. Problem is still exists. vernalnews.com dnssec.us http://www.pt145.com/forum.shtml
  3. I need to have a sql file injected into the database. It contains structure and data. The file is too big for me to use phpmyadmin and too big for the upload feature in phpBB. I have currently uploaded the sql file to the website. How can I get someone to run the command to inject the file?
  4. Got to Chat with the HeadGuru and now everything is taken care of. Currently uploading all of my files and databases.
  5. Well, I know they haven't disabled the email completely because I am still receiving emails from other things. i.e. monster.com, news updates. Supposeldy, my account is already set up according to Mitch. I use my AOL account as my last resort. I don't like using hotmail or yahoo and the rest of my accounts were hosted with FP. And, as of yet, still no email. If it helps, send the email to datesteven at aol dot com.
  6. Still waiting. Haven't received anything as of yet through my regular email or a response from billing or sales. This is frustrating but I will be patient.
  7. Still haven't received any email as of yet. I'm thinking that FP is filtering out my email. I've tried calling the "emergency" number but it's been busy. I've been sitting here at my computer for the past 5 hours or so, anticipating when I can get moving. I've also sent emails to sales and billing and have had no response. I chatted again with Mitch and he said that you guys are very busy so I understand. If possible, maybe send email to another address or contact me through Yahoo. TheWildTing101 Steve
  8. I've installed gallery, but not with TCH. I'm waiting on my welcome email. Gallery gets even tricker when you want to run multiple galleries. ONe site that I will be moving to TCH is littlebaby.org. I've got 4 galleries going there and I hope I don't have to reinstall. I hope I can just copy over the files.
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