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  1. abinidi, the function you're looking for is 'imageheadlines,' which is defined on line 933 of that plugin. The plugin works its voodoo by filtering the WP function the_title(). So I think what you're looking for is: ><?php if (function_exists('imageheadlines')) { ?> things to do if the plugin is enabled <?php } else { ?> things to do if the plugin is disabled <?php } ?>
  2. Lately I've been getting an unusual amount of bounced e-mails for messages I never sent. In the past 24 hours, there have been about two dozen messages being bounced back to my inbox. The original messages are all classic spam. Cheap prescriptions, black hat SEO, etc. The "original sending address" is always gibberish, something like ayphgs@mydomain .com. They're messages I never sent from addresses that don't exist. The rejecting mail server is always overseas; there are a lot of .jp and .tk domains generating the bounce messages. So here's my question... Are these fake bounce messages from spammers trying to trick me into reading their garbage, or are these real bounce messages caused by a spammer forging my domain into their headers?
  3. It probably won't work to have MT and WP in the same directory. But you can install WP into a subdirectory and move it later, when you're ready to ditch MT. Moving WP can be quite daunting for some people, but it's definitely possible. To move within a domain: 1. Backup your database. (The WP-DB-Backup plugin works great for this.) 2. Deactivate all plugins. 3. Move the files from the original location to the new location. (Using cPanel's file manager will make quick work of this.) 4. Use phpMyAdmin to change two database entries: "siteurl" and "home," both in the wp_options table. You should of course change these values to whatever is appropriate to the new location. And that's it. Usually this task is simple and smooth. Usually.
  4. I'm so glad I could help Gail. Regarding the template error, I did actually have all the information entered correctly. It turns out that WordPress (or possibly one of my plugins) ignores forward slash characters, even when they're inside a pre tag. Who knew? Yeah, still my bad for not noticing it though.
  5. Thanks, all. I had a lot of fun writing that.
  6. TCH Andy is a good fella. He's always been very helpful when I've dealt with him. But I went ahead and worked something out anyway. My method is still more involved than a proper import wizard, but it exports all posts and comments and is much simpler than other methods. As a bonus, it leaves you with an offline backup of your Beta blog and it also works for importing Beta into WordPress.com (with a catch), Movable Type and ExpressionEngine. I've naturally tried my own method, and it works smashingly. If you like, check it out here. (Mods and Admins: is it cool to pimp my own (highly relevant) post here, or is it better to post the whole thing here on the board? I'm not up on the etiquette here yet.)
  7. Well, not all hope is lost. There are workarounds for you can pursue, but none of them are ideal. For example, you can snag a copy of the Beta blog's site feed and run it through WP's RSS importer. This will import posts only and will only grab the 100 most recent posts (regardless of how high you set the number of items in Blogger Beta's settings). This is pretty easy, and it's better than nothing. There are also exist hacks like this one, which is unfortunately pretty complex as it requires multiple WP installs and phpMyAdmin. You know, now that I think about it, you could probably use Movable Type's surprisingly versatile mtimport format as an intermediary. You could set Blogger Beta to use a "faux template" that actually outputs mtimport files. You'd then save those files and use WP's Movable Type import script to pull posts and comments into WordPress. That seems like a very viable method. I'll look into that.
  8. Quick question: are you trying to import from Blogger, or Blogger Beta? If it's Beta, you're out of luck for now. The import script only works with the non-Beta version of Blogger. I know people are hacking around with new scripts, but nothing has made it into the WordPress trunk yet.
  9. I just wanted to toss out a little more information on this problem. The theme errors discussed here: Wp Themes...won't Work and here: Wordpress problems is also an issue on server 125. A friend of mine is on this server and she's having the exact same problem. (She's opened a ticket.) I have WordPress blogs on servers 120 and 121 and I am unaffected.
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