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  1. Let's face it, tech support at most places means they talk down to you and then not ever really do much for you. That was absolutely not my walk away from a brief Live help session with Sean today. I'm sure it was an easy fix for him, but it was a huge time saver for me. Sean managed to fix a php size limit error that was keeping a wordpress plugin from working. He pointed me in the right track, then I blew it. He picked up where I couldn't and easily added the appropriate php.ini file to my site. Problem solved and it only took a few minutes. Thank you so much. I hope you get a raise for your excellent work. Or maybe they just pay you so well that we benefit from them keeping you on. Either way, you rock!
  2. I can connect again too. Thanks again for the explinations Bill and Jim. I get what happened now, and am greatful that you guys have your upstream with a big enough company that can fix something like this fast.
  3. Thanks Jim for the explination. That was excellent. So is the upstream always coming through one pipe currently? Is there some kind of redundancy possible that would avoid this kind of problem in the future?
  4. Oops sorry I didn't realize this was against the rules. Also I thought I was posting a link to your very own data center. I'm still a little confused by what that relationship means.
  5. ** Link Deleted ** I'm hoping to get some answers there first. TCH-Jim: Please do not post links to other web hosts in the forums.
  6. Hi everyone! TCH is amazing! If you could add all these as 1 click installs, well, I would waste a lot more time trying things out. And that's a GOOD thing! As for MT, I'm installing it now. We'll see how that goes. I may be hitting you up soon rayners if that's ok Keep up the good work, and yes Rock Sign
  7. I did setup a user. It appeared that I may have had a wrong password. Doh! {edited out all the useless info} I have it up and running now. Thanks for the help! Thumbs Up Ryan
  8. I tried installing Mambo on my website http://www.ryanackerman.com/php/ and can not get it working. I set up the dB like it said.. or at least I think I did. But I am not a php guru, so I really am not gettting very far. Can anyone help? What info should I give? Thanks! Doing a google search of: mambo /classes/database.php on line 25 comes up with a bunch of pages that are having the same problem as me.
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