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  1. Once I logged into the Help Desk I saw my ticket was answered and closed so all is well. In the future I can just put in my new email address I assume, if I ever need to open another ticket, correct?
  2. Wohoo, I'm logged in, but now how do I change my email? I don't see an option to do this, do I submit a ticket? If so which department would that go to? Thank you for your help Bruce!
  3. I did that already, I wasn't sure if I needed to change the email else where though.
  4. When I try to log in it keeps telling me "Invalid Username or Password". And I can't get my password sent to me via email because I will never get it. If I register under a new email address can I submit a ticket under that email address?
  5. I wasn't sure where you ask this question so I am putting it here... For some unknown reason I am not getting emails at the account I have used to set up my hosting. I opened up a ticket with a billing question but I have not received any word yet (because of the email issue). How can I go about changing the email address so I can communicate with you guys properly? Thanks, -Brett
  6. Well my major problem (getting a 404 error everytime I tried to get on my site) finally got resolved and now I can use ftp.mydomain_name.com to connect to my site.
  7. I already have a ticket open because of another issue regarding access to my website, so this all might be caused by the same problem.
  8. So why does it work when I use "www.yourdomain_name.com" but I still get an error when I use "ftp.yourdomain_name.com"???
  9. Ok, my ftp access is work now, I just had to use what you said (yourdomain_name.com). Under the support section of TCH's home page it says to use ftp.yourdomain_name.com, which is why I tried that. Now I just have to figure out why I'm getting 404 errors for my website.
  10. I'm having a little trouble logging into my account to upload some new files. In the past I have used CuteFTP without any issues but tonight I am running into a problem. I tried pointing the program to ftp.****, http://ftp.****, ftp://www.****, www.****, etc. but none of them are working. When I try ftp.**** I get an error message saying "Can't resolve 'ftp.****'." When I try www.**** I get an error messaging saying "The connection failed due to an error or timeout." What am I doing wrong here?
  11. Yeah that's what I will do. I just figured I would ask here first before I bothered the techs with something that might have been an easy fix. Thanks for the help guys.
  12. My connection is pretty solid. I have trillian running and my connection to AIM isn't dropping while I cannot connect to my email. But I don't know if that is a good 'control'. There doesn't seem to be a problem sending emails, just the recieving part.
  13. IMAP? I'm afraid I don't know what that is. What settings are you wondering about? The incoming and outgoing servers are "webmail.brettwho.com". Incoming server port 110. Outgoing server port 26. It's set to send/recieve every 5 mins. Server Timeout is 1minute.
  14. I have been using Outlook to check my email that I have set up through my website and lately it has stopped working for the most part. Also I receive an error from time to time when trying to use Horde to check my email (but I forgot to copy down the error message). In Outlook the error message I am getting is "Task 'webmail.brettwho.com - Receiving' reported error (0x800CCC0F) : The connection to the server was interrupted.....The server responded: +OK 4469723 octets'" Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong? It was working fine for weeks and I didn't change anything and now it decides to work only once in a while. Thanks in advance for any help!
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