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  1. What is so strange is I have successfully used the html editor thru cpanel without this problem for the past year. Guess we'll see where it goes from here. Thanks for your comments -CJ
  2. Much improved this time; I would like to resume using the html editor at some point. Thanks for your help. --CJ
  3. Bruce: I did that earlier today but will try again in a few minutes and get back to you. -- Chris
  4. OK, I log on to Total Choice, pick the file I want to edit, wait for it (the html editor) to load and start editing text in plain English. I believe the problem started when TC put the editor back online recently. Anyway, once I have edited the page, I click save. When I view the page online, the A characters are radomly placed throughout the page, no matter how many times I remove them, they return. I am not using FrontPage, I just tried that to test if the same problem would appear, which it did. thanks.
  5. Ok, I am using the html - wysiwigpro editor provided by TotalChoice. They took it down ahwile back because of a security problem. I only used the text from FrontPage and cut and pasted it into the page using the editor. Same results, as soon as the page is saved the character appears. I have erased everything on the page, typed in new info, and same results. I am getting frustrated with it as I have been editing the pages for about a year on this site with no problems. If it continues, I will cancel the TC "gold hosting" and go elsewhere. Thanks for your information. -CJ
  6. I need help with an odd character (A) being added to my page text in various places. This happens when I save the page with the HTML editor (wysiwygPro). The page in question is at http://www.giantwarbirds.org/events.htm You can readily see the character added throughout the page. Any suggestions? I tried to cut and paste the copy from FrontPage and got the same results. I have been editing the pages for months but this problem has started recently.
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